The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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Gaia, nature, our planet has all the answers for simple abundance. Nature-based solutions. Deep Ecology.

Biomimicry. Technology. Cluster economy. Agroforestry.
Simple Abundance mentoring, education & inspiration.

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… and we’ll be able to erode the rocks of the status quo. Abundanism is a connector of dots. Inspiring, educating, and collaborating with people who share our values.
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Abundanism works local and global. We are in Greece now with our project Olive Bliss.


We are guiding world leaders, coaches, consultants, and students with futurist education and inspiration. We create Living Systems. International guidance is done via Zoom/Teams.


You can follow our work for free via social media. If you want an interview or keynote speech, please go to bookings, and we can plan something.

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Aligning the economy with ecology and the human spirit

From the 1970s the element of change was Earth. We saw the first pictures of Earth from Space. We read the Limits to Growth. And we read impactful books on permaculture, healthy soil, and economic reform. 

Now, we are learning more. Solid becomes liquid. Ecology is organic and inorganic. Exponential growth is a function of nature if you know what to let go, and decay. Our planet is full of mathematics, quantum biology, and old wisdom.

This is a time of merging old wisdom (Vedic, Mayan, Phoeniciers) with western science. Let's cut to the core and redesign the ugly, grey, dead human systems to become colorful living systems.


Minimizing, maximizing, and optimizing the system in simple ways. The first step? As counter-intuitive as it sounds... shifting from scarcity to abundance. And making space for new things to emerge.

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Conscious storymaking is more important than just storytelling. It combines many elements of what we see in the world and will reach wide, and far. Giving huge opportunities for spreading impact and attracting value flows.

We won't tell your impactful stories for you. But we can include them in ours to reach our wide audience (book a call to discuss possibilities). Or we will guide you on impactful storymaking.

Don't know what and how? Book a call.

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All methods and tools have been developed in real-life projects. It means they are working well to make complexity simple without reductionism. And get flowy.

We identify the acupuncture points of change in a system. We cut through the complexity. Get to the core and build new opportunities from there.

Communicating without manipulating.

The methods will be shared in books and stories. Explored in 1:1 sessions or a group.





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“Désirée has been our systemic thinking expert for years. We built methods together, trained our consultants, and implemented projects. We are now on a journey of scaling our impact of biomimicry innovation within Europe.”

Sandra Baan, director Institute for Biomimicry Innovations


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