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Abundance 4 ALL - Sense & Sciences

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...we combine deep ecology & cultures in global-local solutions...

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Abundance 4 ALL 

is a toolbox full of healthy redesign and economic redesign. We think BIG. We redesign with what we already have (locally). And stranded assets...


1:1 mentoring for impact makers

Innovation recipes for many sectors and governments can be found in our downloads

Sense & Sciences events in nature

Our newsletter Abundance 4 ALL is full of recipes for systemic change. And examples of economy, technology, and systemic change.

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"We can't fight the waves. But we can choose which wave to surf"


Are you a leader? Do you want to learn about futures? About healthy growing macro-economies? About strategies for your healthy business to grow? Are you an economy teacher? Or a health professional? Or an environmentalist desperate in your thoughts that the world is coming to an end?


Don't worry... The earth is still spinning with 1670 km per hour through the universe with our feet glued to her gas/water/rock surface. And the world will be doing that for another 7 to 8 billion years. We are nearly halfway now... 

Welcome on this website full of simple systemic design recipes for a better world than we have now. What's better? Not toxic. Are you also longing, as I do, for a quieter world? A peaceful world? A fair world for ALL, including all other species on this planet.


Feel welcome to learn with us.

What are the tipping point ingredients for Abundance 4 ALL? Independence INTO Interdependence. Defending your boundaries. Vibrant joy. Martial arts. Observations. Differences. Emotion release. And communication.


Pull marketing instead of push marketing. Working in 2 cycles. The big one (technology 4.0) and the small one (synergy of local SMEs and communities). 


Combis of government purchasing and businesses that create multiple values.

LOCAL is economically defined by your currency scope. Euro in our case. But it can be dollar or IDR (Indonesia) too. But of course, you should go even more local if you want synergy to work wonders. Keep the money in the system and make it hyper-vibrant...

Learn more about our past and current projects here.

GIELIS Superformula - dynamic math 2003 - the king formula of biomimicry. Supershapes of nature. Not only species, also metals and minerals. Crystals. Snowflakes. Transformations.


Food forests (200+ species on a small plot or walls) and 3D ocean farming are solutions for food security.  As well as in vitro growing of super-foods with CO2 use from emittors

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Supershapes, geometry, and interconnections. Top left a ram's horn, top right a snail shell, bottom left a waterfall torus, bottom right 2D vision of a snail shell.

The math is Superformula, the thinking is complexity science of liminal spaces. Measuring the volume and attracting what's NOT there.


We mentor leaders to be courageous and intuitive leaders. Walking their talk. Our projects always have an economic factor, including law changes and institutional changes with a vision on non-toxic environments and systems change. We include community activation and when necessary we can include via partners AI, IOT, and tokenization.

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Our work is transitioning local areas, mainly in Europe and Asia. Benelux, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Indonesia. Our homebase in Holland is Limburg and Eindhoven. Mike is the pioneer of a permaculture farm project (13ha). Desiree is sometimes the spokeswoman of the wider project (3 farms, shop, B&B) when needed.


In Greece, it's Paralio Astros in Peloponnese. In Indonesia, we mainly roam around Green School Bali, Java (nature-based solutions with mangroves) 


An overview of past projects and current projects can be found here. On this website, you mainly find our education materials and 1:1 mentoring options.

Evolution needs communication.

And everything is a holistic design.

Integrated economic redesigns.

Top picture - Rhombus Sustainable - with SDG & ESG (river harbor redesign for health)

Below picture - Regenerative Travel as a sector redesign in Peloponnese, Greece

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Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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"There are few persons with the drive and the clarity of Desiree. She goes to the places where her intuition tells her to discover the solutions. She has been a bright light in every corner of the world where we met, studied, and worked. Desiree is a hidden gem in the world of steering business and society toward sustainability. She does what is required, and does it with elegance and efficiency" - Prof. Gunter Pauli, the 'Steve Jobs of Sustainability'.

Zero Emission fighter and business economy prof. from the first hour. Club of Rome.


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