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The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

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Abundance 4 ALL

Together We Are
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... Businesses finally start to understand how to use synergy and create multiple value. And they bring that value to citizens and planetary health...

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Abundanism is a cross-over science think tank founded by Desiree and Mike. Sustainability in growing economies is not complicated. Make a scope, see what's inside, and create multiple values with all you have around you.


Abundance 4 ALL is our mantra.


We use the principles of nature and (citizen) science to enlighten professionals and students of life about sustainability and a growth economy. After all, we have to adapt to our planet. We combine planet, people, profit & prosperity.

Our platform is full of buzzy bees. Impact entrepreneurs, investors & crossover scientists.

Weekly masterclasses can be found under events. Or go to our shop for books, articles and exploration canvasses.

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The urgency is hotter than ever. Malaria. Zoonotic viruses. Geopolitics. Inequality. Climate change. Biodiversity collapse. 


In this education lab, you find solutions. How can we combine sustainability with growth economies? The answer is 3-S

Synergy = 1+1= more than 2 in a complex system. Superformula Math & Geometry (2003)

Synthesis = combining 2 different elements will create new value in the system (emergence). Example: a harbor or industrial estate combined with healthy living/housing, clean water & local energy sources

Syntropy = tipping points. From negative to positive. From slow to fast. A river. Or data. Or any other flow.

But forget the difficult S-words. We explain and explore all cross-over sciences together. Psychology for change communication, macro-economy, business economy, complexity beta sciences. Technology applications. Architecture and infra for healthy buildings, cities, and rural areas.


Children from the age of 13 can join our masterclasses. We adapt all mentioned solutions to local ecosystems and local cultures. Join us.


Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

Restoring mangrove forests by sediment trapping. Building with Nature Indonesia

Superformula - groundbreaking math & geometry (2003)
GIELIS Transformations


Healthy Diaper Cycle - Ayumi Matsuzaka - Dycle



We have to do some rewilding of soils, seas, and souls. The best way to do that is to show you the future and evolution. In 2033. And in 2222. Nature might seem like the problem now, but nature is also the answer.

That's how all things on our planet work. Like mirrors. Like paradoxes. Problems are the solutions turned upside down. And all we have to do is find the middle of a complex flow system.

Life is dynamic. We are always becoming...

But how do we bring this message to others? We show you influencing. Social media success, change communication full of calls to action, and crossover personal development.

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We bring 35+ years of professional change-making, crossover science, and entrepreneurial experience.

Since 1987 - logistics, communication, high-tech, management team positions, consultancy, and systemic design

Since 2012 - working together with several holistic methods of change-making. Blue economy, circular economy, cradle 2 cradle, the natural step, holistic science, doughnut economy, biomimicry & natural intelligence.


Projects with science think tank ZERI, Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives. Professor Gunter Pauli, and the Blue Economy. In Spain, El Hierro, Austria, the Netherlands, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Eastern Himalayas, and Greece.

2018 - Interim Director of the Ecosystem Restoration Communities. With the teams of John D. Liu, Kiss the Ground, permaculture, and the Weathermakers. Nature-based solutions with growing regional economies. Restoring ecosystems with sediments.

Since 2020 - Lecturing with Professor Johan Gielis. The groundbreaking math and geometry Superformula (since 2003). The unifying vision in one science formula with varied n. GIELIS now stands for Generalized Intrinsic and Extrinsic Lengths in Submanifolds (those are the maps and patterns) in science. Johan is the Kepler all modern Newtons have been waiting for.

2018-2022 - Healthy Building Network - Together with a consortium of Dutch/German architects, material science, engineers, Cradle 2 Cradle, Finance & Real Estate at the University of Maastricht

2016-2017 - Venlo Regionomics - Hosting a Dutch changemaker program for regional, rural, small city economic development. Citizen and planetary inclusive

2020 - Lecturing at Green School Bali - about island economies. They are the best examples of growing, regenerative economies because they have clear boundaries between land and sea. Combining growth with self-sufficiency and local solutions, such as


Energy - solar, piezo, gravity, heat exchangers in rivers, windmills without blades, mine water, termite ventilation, etc.


Freshwater - the restoration of water cycles with wetlands and river banks, making freshwater with temperature difference, condensation, desalination, etc.

Multifunctional use of land and buildings. Phytomining (metal and mineral retrieval locally from polluted soils). Ecoremediation (cleaning soil with plants). Mycoremediation (cleaning soil with fungi). Biochar. Food forestry. Sea restoration with sound.

From 2012 - Resonance projects. Restoring land, seas, companies, and areas (cities, buildings) to health with resonance.

Our current projects are: 

IBI2 Futures Academy in the Netherlands - biomimicry education about area transformation (industrial estates, harbors, design, infra - mainly built environment, materials, and logistics) and material science

Blue Hearts - citizen science around the Mediterranean (EU, Asia, Africa) and in Indonesia. Web3 tech. Digital Twins. AR for education and gaming. Ocean and river restoration solutions with our partners of AIOTI.

Via this Abundance 4 ALL website, we give masterclasses online and sell books and methods.

We are professional nomads, mainly working online and contributing to local progress wherever we land temporarily.

We include teenagers in our labs to get radical innovations in. Picture: Venlo Regionomics 


The Global Goals are easier to understand as Interconnected & Nested. One healthy citizen IN a society IN an economy IN a healthy biosphere. Picture: Stockholm Resilience Center, SDG Wedding Cake

1668929290794- kotler.jpg

Economy is often the problem, economy can also be the solution. Complex but not complicated with interconnected & nested solutions from the 3S method. Synergy, Synthesis, and Syntropy. Picture: Wicked 7 - Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar


Designing economic systems bottom-up with women and children in mind is important. They are often the ones missing out when systems are designed family-based and not for independent individuals.

Picture: Innokurnia on Pixabay


Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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"There are few persons with the drive and the clarity of Desiree. She goes to the places where her intuition tells her to discover the solutions. She shares the places where her intelligence tells her to invite solutions. Desiree is not just of words and deeds, but also of dedication, ethics, and perseverance. She has been a bright light in every corner of the world where we met, studied, and worked. Desiree is a hidden gem in the world of steering business and society toward sustainability. She does what is required, and does it with elegance and efficiency" - Gunter Pauli, the 'Steve Jobs of sustainability'. Writer of The Blue Economy and founder of scientific thinktank ZERI - Zero Emissions Research Initiatives


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