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 Complexity & Simplicity

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Abundance 4 ALL - Sense & Sciences

Pro-active Restoration of Planet, combined with hyper-modern non-Newtonian technology and biomimetics... 

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

...we combine deep ecology & cultures in global-local solutions...

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Abundance 4 ALL has several offerings.

1. Mentoring for hyper-intelligence training for polymaths and people who are stuck in life/work

2. Books and papers about healthy economic area designs with synergy and synthesis

3. Biomimicry. Non-Newtonian biomimetic  sciences knowledge. Access with deep ecology

4. Low-threshold reconnect to nature events (online and offline in Greece) in which courage, being seen, writing and expressing yourself has a big role

Mike & I are regenerative people on a journey. And we want others to dare take action in life..

Our newsletter Abundance 4 ALL is a bit of ALL. Our local events are in Paralio Astros, Peloponnesos, Greece. 

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“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function"

F. Scott Fitzgerald 


Mike and Desiree like to wander and wonder in their lives and work. We are polymaths and travelers.


Mike is a sportsman in love with cultures. Desiree has studied economics, languages, ecology, and tech. She's a deep generalist now spending her time mentoring tech inventors and leaders. She's a writer.

Together, we have implemented many nature-positive solutions during our careers. And now we see new possibilties with light, sound, spiraling shapes, AI, AR, tokenization and smart contracts.

With our own projects, we specialize in non-Newtonian biomimetics for basic needs. Freshwater creation with temperature difference. Condensation. Evaporation. Sea restoration with Biorock technology (different DC voltages for different purposes). Healthy buidings with design instead of machines. 

Wildfire solutions.


We copy strategies of nature for human health. One of our offerings is economic area designs. Economic Country Futures. We restore Soils, Seas, Souls & Systems.


Everything has been done before. Nature already innovates for 3.8 billion years since life on our planet was kickstarted. Human cultures were once advanced (Toltec, Maya, Greek, TAO, and Vedic) until the dinosaurs died and we had to start all over again...

It's a time of challenge now. We need climate resilient. We need to finance agile local solutions all over the planet. Since we stepped on the moon, solutions are speeding up. But the financing lags behind. 

Also, the tech is still way too Newtonian. We need non-Newtonian biomimetics now... And mathematicians have found the formula in 1999. Superformula is a transformative formula of Unity in Diversity. 

We live in a VUCA planet, Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous and a VUCA economy. We will show you how to add synergy and synthesis with opposite flows to achieve sustainability, climate resilience, and full regeneration.


Entropy is so far thought of to be degrading, while in fact it is proven to be (2018) full regeneration... The same state as before. Autonomously Self-Repairing. So-called autopoiesis.


Many people, organizations, scientists, governments, and businesses are busy in this biomimetics field. Our personal theme is the BIG RECONNECT.


Reconnect to nature and movement in rhythm gives you stable interconnections between your two brain halves. Left is often dominant in people. Left (rational) thinks in silos and one direction. Right is conceptual, more creative, and gives you 1000+ interconnected solutions for all problems.


The connection to the planet and old information can be found in the deep hole inside your body... Deep is where the interconnection is. We will show you some rational bits you need.


Our exercises will do the rest...

Our work is all over social media, so that makes us interesting partners for CSR/ESG inclusion in your reporting. We will deliver relevant articles about our collection of NGOs and our own projects for your business.

Learn more about our past and current projects here

The transition is ON! And we can help you fulfill your role. Whether it is in finding and funding the best technoogy innovations for tomorrow's world. Perhaps implementing already existing technologies. Or as an ambitious (visual/sound) artist...

Abundance 4 ALL is your BOOST of nature in all you do...

GIELIS Superformula - dynamic math 2003 - the king formula of biomimicry. You can use this transformative formula next to Vedic geometry which is how old civilizations made their interconnected solutions.

Global methodology - local implementations. Adapted to local climate zones and local cultures.


Food forests (200+ species on a small plot, roof, or building walls) are a solution. But what are the keystone species?

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Supershapes and the Superformula. New dynamic math. It's a non-Newtonian formula of Unity in Diversity. And can be used in Newtonian  design as well. You do need a computer program to fill in the variables.

Biomimetics is the #1 innovation method in beta sciences, engineering, and mathematics now.

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Penrose Triangle. Esscher shapes. Insides and outsides.

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Leaders don't have to have a super-high IQ. Mike and I are leaders and very normal people with a high EQ. Technology needs a soul. Solutions need compassion and fully distributed health and wealth... Waterfalls instead of trickle-down economies...

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Our professional work is about health, climate resilience, and biodiversity increase.


We help local area economies to transition towards regeneration and ecology-economy. Mainly in Europe and Asia by writing economic visions for an area and doing stakeholder balancing.


Our main areas are The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, and Indonesia.


Our home base in Holland is Limburg and Eindhoven. Our other home base is Peloponnese, Greece.


Other current pojects (2024) are:

  • Fire-Guardians - IoT, tokenization and smart contracts for quick wildfire detection and community activation

  • Digital twins for Peloponnese to support fire behaviour research in mountenous areas and monitor the water extraction situation in Taygetos mountains

  • Scaling Biorock technology worldwide for coral restoration and cheap dike solutions

  • Course for Healthy Buildings and financing for financially productive buildings in year 2 (for architects and builders)

  • Economic area visions, books and papers


Healthy human evolution needs communication, education, and inspiration. And everything is a good holistic design when you attach a BIG AMBITIOUS WHY to it.

Past projects can be found on the projects page.