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The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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Happy & Healthy People IN a Healthy Planet

Abundance 4 ALL

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

... Businesses finally start to understand how to use synergy and create multiple value. And they bring that value to citizens and planetary health...

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Abundanism = Abundance 4 ALL We redesign economies and local areas with interconnectivity in a scope. Companies, governments, students, and coachees are our customers. 


We offer 1:1 mentoring for leaders. On strategy, communication, and huge leaps for regenerative innovation. We do ESG and more. We offer 1000+ interconnected solutions from 3 worldviews: transhumanism, socio-economic, and eco-centric. 


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The urgency is hotter than ever. Malaria. Zoonotic viruses. Geopolitics. Inequality. Climate change. Biodiversity collapse. 


Do you want to learn about surprising, systemic interconnected solutions for a regenerative future? Then you are in the right place. We have a lot of knowledge and practical experience. And help you make all good solutions local and applicable to YOUR situation, climate zone, and culture.

Mental strength and courage might be the biggest changemakers right now. So, we explain, we give confidence and we help you apply it all. There are 1000+ interconnected solutions to choose from. We help you choose.

The scientists in the Abundance 4 ALL team (math, engineering, architecture, design, Web3, DAOs, blockchains, etc.) are in the background. In the foreground are Desiree (online or local professional mapping) and Mike (local).

We explain it all. The evolution. Our planet. Your role in the huge multidimensional transitions that now have to take place faster than ever.

For companies, we help with 1000+ already applied solutions and explanations of how to design a factory like a forest e.g., have a healthy impact and be more resilient and profitable than ever.

For governments, we help redesign areas to become healthy. And we help make a new business model for ecosystem services and other public responsibilities.

We always connect cashflows. And redistribute money and value in healthy and ethical ways.

For leaders and individuals, we include mental health and courage. Risks need action and courage. Climate resilience needs a vision.

We have that vision. We help you make that vision applicable to your specific situation. We mentor in groups or individually.

It all starts with training your senses and observation. Look through the systems and you easily (re)design your own system. Whether it is an economy, a society, a city, a rural area, a business, or your life.

Purpose is ALL. But please don't get lost in idealism. Desiree and Mike are realists. We always find the middle of the complex system.

Desiree Driesenaar is our visionary explainer. She can be booked for keynotes and collaborative writing projects with visionary artists. She is a science fiction writer as well as an inspiring educator.


Our active projects can be found here.


Join us. And help us implement good solutions everywhere around the world!


Happy & Healthy People IN a Healthy Planet


Restoring mangrove forests by sediment trapping. Building with Nature Indonesia

Superformula - dynamic math 2003 - the formula Stephen Hawking has been looking for all his life. Unity in diversity.
GIELIS Transformations



We are active in rewilding soils, seas, souls, and systems. Desiree is a sensate writer trained to hear the 'Stories of the Earth'. 


So, we teach you how to use your senses in writing. And how to use journaling to write in flow and work on your personal development. We are always open to collaborations with educators and visual/film/immersive artists.

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We bring 35+ years of professional change-making, economics, crossover science, and entrepreneurial experience.

Since 1987 - logistics, communication, high-tech, management team positions, consultancy, and systemic design

Since 2012 - focused on healthy transitions of our economies, environment, and socioeconomic spaces. 


Projects with science think tank ZERI, Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives. Professor Gunter Pauli, and the Blue Economy. In Spain, El Hierro, Austria, the Netherlands, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Eastern Himalayas, and Greece.

2018 - Interim Director of the Ecosystem Restoration Communities. Working on large-scale ecosystem restoration projects. Sharing their success factors and failure factors. Nature-based solutions with growing regional economies. 

Since 2020 - Lecturing with Professor Johan Gielis. The groundbreaking math and geometry Superformula (since 2003). Johan is the Kepler all modern Newtons have been waiting for so we can go beyond Newton.

Other projects:

Healthy Building Network (architecture in NL and Germany)


Venlo Regionomics - a regional, thriving economy on the edge of Holland, Germany and Belgium

Lecturing at Green School Bali - about island economies and nature-based solutions, involving groundbreaking technology. 

Energy - local sources. Solar, piezo, gravity, heat exchangers in rivers, windmills without blades, mine water, termite ventilation, etc. Resilient and with a biomimicry grid that involves Edison and Nikola Tesla (AC/DC, 230 and 12V depending on function). Storing everything in differences instead of batteries.


Freshwater - the restoration of water cycles with wetlands and river banks, actively making freshwater with temperature difference, condensation, desalination, etc.

Multifunctional use of land and buildings. Phytomining (metal and mineral retrieval with hyper-accumulator plants locally from polluted soils). Ecoremediation and mycoremediation (cleaning soil with plants and fungi). Biochar. Food forestry (polycultures with 200 species and many income streams). Sea restoration with sound and low voltage structures.

Our current projects are: 

IBI2 Futures Academy in the Netherlands and Europe - biomimicry area transformation. Why do industrial estates have to be dead zones?


Fire-Guardians - a DAO with Apps and community activation programs for ecosystems service and big risks such as wildfires. Detect quicker. Prevent. And restore landscape afterward. Hold more water in soils and trees. Activate the community. Reward the community and local SMEs with blockchains and crypto for being involved. Localized for the Mediterranean and Brazil.

Desiree and Mike are professional nomads, mainly working online. And contributing to local progress in Benelux, Greece, and Indonesia mainly.

We include teenagers in our labs to get radical innovations implemented. Picture: Venlo Regionomics 


Our planet does everything interconnected and nested. With synergy and synthesis. The Syntropocene... Picture: Stockholm Resilience Center, SDG Wedding Cake

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Economy is often the problem, economy can also be the solution. Just flip the folds. Picture by: Wicked 7 - Philip Kotler and Christian Sarkar

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We often do coastal projects, the most complex ones.


Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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"There are few persons with the drive and the clarity of Desiree. She goes to the places where her intuition tells her to discover the solutions. She shares the places where her intelligence tells her to invite solutions. Desiree is not just of words and deeds, but also of dedication, ethics, and perseverance. She has been a bright light in every corner of the world where we met, studied, and worked. Desiree is a hidden gem in the world of steering business and society toward sustainability. She does what is required, and does it with elegance and efficiency" - Gunter Pauli, the 'Steve Jobs of sustainability'. Writer of The Blue Economy and founder of scientific thinktank ZERI - Zero Emissions Research Initiatives


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