The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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We help redesign human systems, such as economies, business models, societies, communities, and personal lives with a good compass.

Life. Health. Freedom for all. 

Our method is simple: The Vortex. Starting from the core.

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

… and we’ll be able to erode the rocks of the status quo. Abundanism is a connector of dots. Inspiring, educating, and collaborating with people who share our values.
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Abundanism works local and global. Redesigning systems from the current reality.


Our method is The Vortex. A simple design methodology starting from the core. International guidance is done via Zoom/Teams.


You can follow our wild writing work for free via social media. If you want an interview or keynote speech, please go to bookings, and we can plan something.

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The urgency is hotter than ever. Viruses. Geopolitics. Climate change.

And our leaders sadly keep making the same mistakes. Superficially focusing on symptoms instead of systemic causes and change.


With only rising prices as a result.

Every solution starts with ecosystem restoration because we need to increase the carrying capacity of the earth.


But of course, we need to combine that with benefits for the economy. For the people. Otherwise, restored ecosystems will be destroyed again in no time.

Nature-based solutions are therefore a big part of systems' change. Everybody writes about nature-based solutions. The UN. The EU Commission. The World Bank.

We can tell you, show you how it can be done. And how it is happening all over the world now! That makes us happy!

Imagination is all! Explore the future with us. 

Picture made in Indonesia. Restoration of mangrove forests by creating favorable conditions, so dormant seeds germinate. Combined with ecological fish farming. 

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We are out there on social media. Medium. LinkedIn. Twitter. SoundCloud. YouTube. Creating viral stories to inspire and educate. 

We also write for customers. Professional visions that inspire and connect many dots. 


Our writing is Wild Writing. Connected to nature, our planet, the universe. Rationally explaining and touching hearts at the same time.

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In the last ten years, we have been developing many methods and tools to navigate complexity with simplicity.

Our current easy method is The Vortex. An easy tool to start designing from a core and work outwards in layers. Nested and interconnected.

The big advantage is that the priority list of interventions is ready directly after the design.


We will finally create a better future with Biomimicry. Healthy processes. And living systems. Closed systems. Open systems.

Economies: Back to the core. No more bullshit jobs. Lots of diverse SMEs and freelancers. Vibrant local and global exchange. Creating multiple values. People, Planet, and Prosperity/Profit.


Creating basic incomes with community currencies on Web3, DAOs, and NFTs.

Business models: strong WHY. Based on niche/profitable margins and access. Price strategy. Competition is replaced by uniqueness. Minimum debt. No technological lock-ins. Balancing time and money with technology. Healthy production processes. And full collaboration in the spectrum of production, consumption, maintenance, and end-of-life.

Societies: breaking down walls between budgets and silos. Small governments. General laws. Generational taxing. No ruling beyond your grave. Basic incomes in parallel, distributed, digital currencies. Economist Stephanie Kelton with The Deficit Myth.

Housing problems: one house to live in. Minimal storage of stuff. The built environment is for healthy living. Minimal material. Earthquake resistant building, piezo, and gravity of roof pressure for energy. 12-24V DC grids.

Energy: no more dependency on geopolitics. Nested, interconnected grids. Local sources. Like Mijnwater. Or harbor walls and heat exchangers. One house, in one area, in one city, in one country. Balancing supply and demand in areas.

Materials: healthy. Non-Toxic. Green chemistry. Minimized with digital design and structure instead of solid. Additive manufacturing with plasma. 3D printing. Phytomining. Not only organic. Also minerals and metals.

Architecture: healthy buildings with a core and permeable skin. Balancing indoor climate, light, sound, and biophilic design. Design solutions before machines.

Food: go for nutrients instead of kgs. Grow crops on healthy living soil. Reproductive seeds for all to harvest! Transition away from chemical fertilizer and pesticides with inoculated biochar. Full spectrum. Microbes. Soil and water. Abundance. Ecological intensification combined with a clever design for farmer business models.

Cities: redesign for human life instead of cars and trading stuff. Sponge cities. Creating freshwater with condensation. Cooling the city with plants, moss, and water.

Rural Areas: creating high-value jobs so people can choose to live in villages. Digital nomad living.

Etc. Etc.

Join us in the redesign of a better world than the sick-making, poisoned one we live in now.

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“Désirée has been our systemic thinking expert for years. We built methods together, trained our consultants, and implemented projects. We are now on a journey of scaling our impact of biomimicry innovation within Europe.”

Sandra Baan, director Institute for Biomimicry Innovations


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