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Abundance 4 ALL - Sense & Sciences

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

... huge tribes of people are making the combination of new conomy and society happen ...

... what is YOUR passion? How will YOU contribute? ...

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Abundance 4 ALL has several offerings.

1. Mentoring (life & work decisions)

2. Journalism, books, papers, education materials. Area visions. 

3. ALIVE! A program for people who want to contribute to whatever change...

4. Immersive Rewilding Soils, Seas & Souls events in Paralio Astros (beach village on the Peloponnese peninsula) in Greece

Mike & Desiree are on a journey through Nature & Cultures. Histories & Futures.

Our newsletter Abundance 4 ALL is a bit of Abundance 4 ALL. Quality & Quantity of life.

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“The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposing ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function"

F. Scott Fitzgerald 


Abundance 4 ALL is founded by two people. Desiree Driesenaar (economist) & Mike Harps (sportsman). We combine modern trends with groundbreaking innovation. We combijne basic needs such as healthy soil and water with diamonds. All is nature.


Desiree is a writer too. Find her papers and methods here. Or follow us (her and our thinktank) on social media. 50K+ followers on Medium, LinkedIn & Facebook/Instagram. 

Take a look at our past and current projects here

Abundance 4 ALL is your BOOST of (human) nature in all you do...


We ARE nature after all...

Our online events are dialogues full of exercises. Our physical events (in Greece) are immersive and involve snorkeling or floating with a vest to experience your own nature or technical insights about gravity and resonance. 

Furthermore, we do 1:1 mentoring in boosts of 3 days. Or 9 weekly sessions.


Food forests (200+ species on a small plot, roof, or building walls) are a solution. Factories are built like forests nowadays. And healthy buildings are inspired by termite hills - always a stable temperature inside...

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Supershapes and the 3D Superformula. Biomimetics is non-Newtonian (prof. Julian Vincent - mechanical engineering and prof. Johan Gielis - math). From the inside, everything is symmetrical


You can only learn when you experience. Humanness needs to be felt. Compassion. And even technological insights go faster when immersed IN planet. We help you immerse. Our physical events are in Peloponnese Greece. In a village between the Mediterranean sea and the mountains. Technology and technology need a soul.


Find your SOUL...

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We have helped many local area economies to transition towards regeneration and ecology-economy. Mainly in the Netherlands and Germany.  We write economic visions for an area and weave stakeholders together.

The summer of 2024 is one for Luxury = Love with the teams of the American/France-based Born Global Foundation.

There are teams for Blue Economy and Green Economy, but we are in the "Biomes not Borders" team. Bioculturalism. Weaving practical solutions together for Modern Migration.


Our home base in Holland is Limburg and Eindhoven (biomimetics technology). Our other home base is Peloponnese, Greece (Alive!).


Other current tech projects (2024) are:

  • Fire-Guardians - community activation with Web3 - roll-out in Peloponnese

  • Fire-behavior research in mountainous areas (dynamic math)

  • Fresh-water well in Taygetos research in combi with swimming pools in Greek tourist economy 

  • Scaling Biorock (seacrete and seament) technology worldwide for coral restoration

  • Healthy Buildings (real estate and finance)

  • Economic area visions

Our human psychology projects (2024) are:

  • Alive! - a journey

  • Writing serious literature and chicklit science fiction

Past projects can be found on the projects page.

Integrated economic redesigns.

Top picture - Rhombus Sustainable - with SDG & ESG (river harbor redesign for health)

Below picture - Regenerative Travel as a sector redesign in Peloponnese, Greece

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Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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"There are few persons with the drive and the clarity of Desiree. She goes to the places where her intuition tells her to discover the solutions. She has been a bright light in every corner of the world where we met, studied, and worked. Desiree is a hidden gem in the world of steering business and society toward sustainability. She does what is required, and does it with elegance and efficiency" - Prof. Gunter Pauli, the 'Steve Jobs of Sustainability'.

Zero Emission fighter and business economy prof. from the first hour. Club of Rome.


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