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The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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Abundance 4 ALL in a nature-based society. Cities and villages

 Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

We offer inspirational education materials. And we write visions for country and company leaders. Mentoring. CSR tickets for companies. Restoration projects

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

… and we rock the boat of healthy BlueGreen economies. Become a participant in the change to combine biological, physical, and virtual worlds

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Butterfly (58)_edited.png


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Abundanism is all about ESG. Environmental, social, governance. CSR. Corporate Social Responsibility. Global Goals


We make visions about nature, tech, city design, entrepreneurship, science, and education

With partners, we create healthy buildings. We contribute to Destination Earth with ESA. We create healthy cluster economies with abundantly available materials. Waste streams, olives, bamboo, seaweed

We use local energy sources and local talents.

3 Es - ecology - education - entrepreneurship

Our role in the teams is thought leadership, initiating startups, education & communication

If you want an interview or keynote speech, please let us know via contact

If you want to support our tribe of BlueGreen change-makers, we invite you to discuss sponsor possibilities

Butterfly (58)_edited.png
Butterfly (58)_edited.png
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The urgency is hotter than ever. Malaria. Viruses. Geopolitics. Inequality. Climate change. We redesign healthy economies & societies


Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

We combine 5 unique views in Abundanism. BiomimicryReGeneration,  Cluster Economy, 

scientific GIELIS Transformations & The Spatial Web

We are shifting to a new era of combining biological, physical, virtual, and data worlds for nature-based societies worldwide

We are systemic designers using our common sense. Working with experienced partners. We initiate ecosystem restoration & regional cluster economy teams

We offer:

  • training methods for consultants and coaches to be integrated into their other methods

  • educational materials, such as booklets and presentations

  • visions translated to strategy advice for country leaders, business CEOs & consortiums

  • masterclasses for students of all ages and sectors

  • visionary science fiction in all kinds of formats (2033 and 2222). Stories, film scripts, additions to expos, collaborations with artists (music, dance, performance, film, illustrators, immersive virtual art)

We work(ed) with scientists and thought leaders Bernard Lietaer (+), Gunter Pauli, Johan Gielis, Fritjof Capra, Satish Kumar, and Stephen Harding.


Our inspiration is Gaia Theory with the black & white daisy models made by Lynn Margulis & James Lovelock.


We combine healthy buildings, sponge cities, drinkable rivers, mosquito-repellent plants, phytomining of dump sites and polluted soils, seaweeds, scientists, data, digital design, and groundbreaking entrepreneurs

We are co-founders of startup teams. Please contact us when you are an impact investor looking for BlueGreen projects

Picture: inspired by AI Images

Projects with bamboo, biotechnology, and Superformula math/physics/architecture with 
Dr. Johan Gielis

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We are a spider in webs of biological, physical, and virtual worlds. Making all this new science and technology work for nature-based solutions. Biodiversity, healthy water cycles, and regional cluster economies


We are out there on social media. Medium. LinkedIn. Twitter. SoundCloud. YouTube. Creating viral stories to inspire and educate 

We spread our seeds via regular media organizations, newspapers & netflix

Wild Writing is crossing borders. Feminine & Nature metaphors. Inspiring imagaging

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We each bring 30+ years of professional experience. For our clients, we also designed unique change-making methods based on our own Infinity Vortex method

Training materials and educational materials

We always start from a Moonshot Vision and the current reality in a region. Ecosystem and local culture. We use everything that is already available and make combinations

We use stranded assets (empty buildings, unused talents, pains in a region) for financing and break through budgets inside partner organizations and between partners

Sharing risks, costs, and benefits of the change

Benefits can be huge for a whole region and individual companies!


Nature-based solutions bring extra benefits for biodiversity and regional economies. Strengthening whole clusters of different SMEs

Mike and I are also curious beings on a journey...


We are nomads who go to our projects and work with the locals while doing our educational, writing & mentoring work online

Venlo Regionomics was one of our a scan, screen, implement projects in NL over the years 2016-2017

Combining regional government, SMEs, schools, and universities

We write many visions for sectors and regions and world leaders

For broad EU consultancy, we align our projects with the Institute of Biomimicry Innovations and tech alliances


Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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“Désirée has been our systemic thinking expert for years. We built methods together, trained our consultants, and implemented projects. We are now on a journey of scaling our impact of biomimicry innovation within Europe.”

Sandra Baan, director Institute for Biomimicry Innovations


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