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The Exciting Combination of Complexity and Simplicity

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Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

Futures Education Lab

Abundance 4 ALL

Together We Are
a Wave of Change…

… and we rock the boat of healthy BlueGreen economies. Become a participant in the change to combine biological, physical, and virtual worlds

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Abundanism is founded by science writer Desiree Driesenaar and her husband, traveler Mike Harps. When we choose the PLUS options, the Syntropocene becomes a reality.


We create Abundance 4 ALL


We are a think-and-do-thank in the middle of vibrant economic change and practical ESG projects

Our platform is full of buzzy bees. Impact entrepreneurs, investors & storytellers

We mentor 1:1 and in groups via Zoom

We invite you to discuss sponsor possibilities with out BlueGreen change-makers

If you want an interview with Desiree or keynote speech, please let us know via contact

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The urgency is hotter than ever. Malaria. Zoonotic viruses. Geopolitics. Inequality. Climate change. Biodiversity collapse. 


In this education lab, you find solutions. Only solutions. Explanations. Do-books. Presentations. And canvases. Everything you need to start systemic designing your own healthy environment


Our goal? Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

Can we redesign local cluster economies, healthy buildings, villages, and cities from the perspective of insects and rivers?

What if we would use the insights of influential modern economists Bernard Lietaer, Stephanie Kelton, Mariana Mazzucato, and Gunter Pauli?

We create full access to basic needs 4 ALL


We combine different methods from Biomimicry. And we focus on 4 flows. Materials. Money. People. Information. We include the latest insights from science, such as the Superformula and The Spatial Web

We combine nature knowledge, conscience & common sense to become an adaptive human species to our planet

Prevent wildfires and floods. Deal with earthquakes. Have clean air to breathe and enough drinking water


We have a long experience in ecosystem restoration, healthy earthquake-resistant buildings, economic change, and interconnected cluster designs

Our projects around the Mediterranean include healthy tourism & abundantly available materials such as bamboo, seaweed, high-polyphenol olive oil, and local energy sources

Everything to get us out of geopolitics and become self-sufficient

Our projects in Northern EU include healthy buildings and infra and multifunctional land and building use

Our biggest inspirations are the scientific Gaia TheoryChaos TheoryLynn Margulis, James Lovelock & Johan Gielis


We work with many women warriors on all continents. We teach feminine leadership, combined with Biomimicry & Blue Economy. Zooming out to the full spectrum & stacking PLUS solutions on top of each other in clusters.

We are co-founders of startup teams. Please contact us when you are an impact investor looking for BlueGreen projects

Restoring mangrove forests by sediment trapping. Building with Nature Indonesia

Local food is everywhere.  Picture inspired by AI Images

Superformula - groundbreaking new math for healthy engineering
Dr. Johan Gielis - GIELIS Transformations


Healthy Diaper Cycle - Ayumi Matsuzaka - Dycle



Only if we can imagine the future, can we create her. So, we write explanatory stories for education institutes. And visions for companies and countries. Often with some science fiction inside

The world in 2033 when all Global Goals have been achieved. And in 2222, when biological, physical, and virtual have really merged on our planet. Nature-based solutions...

We spread our seeds via social media, regular media, books & films

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We bring 30+ years of professional change-making and science writing. We teach systemic design with our own Infinity Vortex method

We always add our own Abundance 4 ALL methods to training and teaching materials for environmental, social, and economic progress

Planet, People, Profit & Prosperity.

  • Doughnut Economy + Abundance 4 ALL = we turned a macro-economic model into a business economic model with multiple income streams

  • Circular Economy + Abundance 4 ALL = changes no-ownership into joint-ownership on blockchains. Regional production for everything. Local energy sources. Healthy buildings. We include biomimicry material science. And Blue Economy flows

  • Blue Economy + Abundance 4 ALL = regional solutions in bioregions without borders. The PLUS cradles are always on the edge of ecosystems. Mangroves, corals, seaweed shelters, city shelters, etc. On the edge, biodiversity is the biggest. And with humans, travelers bring new life to stuck societies and economies

  • Biomimicry + Abundance 4 ALL = 4 flows. Materials, Money, People & Information

  • Abundance 4 ALL = Moonshots with a nature-tech-based vision. And of course, we humanize technology. Wise leaders look through time


Know your past, see the NOW, and create a good future for our grandchildren

Change brings risks. We can tackle this by sharing risks, costs, and benefits

Desiree & Mike are nomads who go to the projects and work with the locals while doing educational, writing & mentoring work offline and online

We include teenagers in our labs to get radical innovations in. Picture: Venlo Regionomics 


Trusted by the Greatest

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Hear It from Our Tribe

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 "There are few persons with the drive and the clarity of Desiree. She goes to the places where her intuition tells her to discover the solutions. She shares the places where her intelligence tells her to invite solutions. Desiree is not just of words and deeds, but also of dedication, ethics, and perseverance. She has been a bright light in every corner of the world where we met, studied, and worked. Desiree is a hidden gem in the world of steering business and society toward sustainability. She does what is required, and does it with elegance and efficiency" - Gunter Pauli, the 'Steve Jobs of sustainability'. Writer of The Blue Economy and founder of scientific thinktank ZERI - Zero Emissions Research Initiatives 


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