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68 pages of Systemic Design for local ecology- economies adapted to local climate zones and local cultures. We use biometics as a method. Blue Economy. The Natural Step. C2C. Superformula dynamic math (1999). And Senses. Common Sense for economic health and wealth distribution.


In this book you find 6 extentive Systemic Design articles about ecology-economy.


Earlier published on Medium in 2019-2020

1. Business Models: from Linear to Circular to Regenerative – page 4.

2. Why Ecosystem Restoration Always Comes First in Business Models – page 16.

3. Climate Change Is Not Our Most Important Problem – page 31.

4. Are Electric Cars Sustainable? Please, Think in Systems – page 42.


New articles 2024, published nowhere else.

5. How Can Your City Become Radically Climate Resilient? – page 51.

6. Regenerative Business Model for Olive Farmers in Greece – page 55.

The last one also contains a peek into our current project of regenerative tourist economy in Greece, Peloponnese. Our project Peloponnese Living can be found on Facebook (44K+ members).


Happy reading and implementing economic regeneration in your area of the world...! 

Healthy World Economies #1

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