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We work locally and globally with entrepreneurs, governments, institutes, NGOs. With leaders, educators, and students. We are all students of life, after all.

Our focus is on regeneration, biomimicry, blue economy, and all other Gaia wisdom. Simple abundance. We want everybody to be ready for the next turning, around 2028.


That's why we educate and inspire.

That's why we want you to tell your personal transformation stories too.


Free 30-min Online Intake

If you want to connect, get to know us or are not sure what booking would fit your specific learning challenge in your life right now, you can book a free 30-minute call with Desiree.

1:1 Session

In a 1:1 session you can ask questions or we can discuss a certain theme. The sessions can turn into a course when we repeat them monthly for instance. Your choice.

Group Learning

Group work is an affordable way to get access to our knowledge and time. We organize group sessions (1.5 hours) on specific themes. The people in the group will be connected in pairs so you can do your homework together and learn from others too.

Member Packages

Some people want to be involved in our Wave of Change, but do not want to ask questions. They support us via Patreon. We spend all gifts on basic needs and ecosystem restoration projects.

Co-creator Packages for Relevant Partners

There are options to become popular in our vast networks. Prices to be discussed.


Regenerative Storymaking Canvas

Conscious Storymaking Canvas

Soon available

expected in 2022

Abundanism Book

Regenerative transition routes for economies, businesses, societies, and leadership.

Preview soon available.


  • Nature-inspired poetry

  • Playbooks with exercises

  • Essays: simple abundance for specific areas of transition


E-mail Courses

Online Nature Awareness Courses 



Our products are the physical results of our practical work. Always used with communities in practice and adapted to the best insights of today. Books, playbooks, poetry, and canvases. Some of them are already available. Others are works in progress and will be published as soon as possible.

Our Events and Trainings Rock!

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