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Olive Bliss

Olive Bliss is our practical Abundanism project along the coast of all Mediterranean countries. We started in October 2021 in Greece. We started without money.

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Olive Grove

Social Capital

Our aims: food sovereignity, basic needs self-sufficiency, climate change adaptation and mitigation, health for humans and other species as a firm compass. 

We use our social capital (online and offline) to acquire what we need to get the Olive Bliss project going. Tools. Inoculated biochar. Crushed volcanic rock. And whatever else is needed.

Companion planting to give organic olive farmers extra income streams. We explain about life energy. About flows. Energy, materials, nutrients, and value flow. 


We solve practical problems with ecosystem restoration. And we inspire Greek farmers to get into better markets if they go organic and produce high phenolic virgin olive oil with EU health claim (EU 432/2012). 


It can be measured. It can be proven inexpensively. And it can turn your business around if you do it well. With a heart.

The next step is educating the whole supply chain about resilient business models. Scope. We do not want only rich people to have access to high phenolic olive oil. The farmer can sell 10-20% of his harvest to pharma for a high export price and make the rest available to local shops for affordable prices. The rich get their cures. Local communities receive healthy food. 

We work voluntarily on one farm now, where the farmer is a tai chi master. They are transforming the farm to agroforestry now with the syntropic farming experts of Southern Lights. We support the owners to find expert partners to measure chi, life energy. And we suggest well-paying markets for their excellent organic products.


It's possible to find the business models and create simple abundance for all humans and all species if you know where to look.

Our aim is mainly to pilot, teach and inspire young Greek (and international) people to do what we do. Make it happen. With education and inspiration.

Family Portrait


Olive Bliss is not just about olives. It is about the big shifts of our evolutionary times. What is the bigger picture?


With this project, we want people to start thinking broader. And in the end break all power games, geopolitics, and resource hegemony. 


  • We start with ecosystem restoration and life energy restoration in rural areas and city communities. Biodiversity, immune systems, joy, and quick prototyping are our tools

  • Tiny forests, food forestry, agroecology, permaculture, organic, regenerative farming for food and non-food basic needs resources

  • Humans may definitely collaborate with plants and trees. Some are high accumulators of minerals and metals. We can harvest, prune and make the plants thrive. Of course, we will not harvest more than we need and never more than half of the perennial plants. Perennial Phytofarming is the name for phytomining of minerals and metals out of biodiverse agroforests

  • Nature is not only organic, we are inorganic too. And if we use small, interconnected solutions, we can do it without pollution, without waste. We can live a good life with many people on our planet and thrive in harmony with nature. Minimizing materials, optimizing systems, and maximizing life

  • We will go big on additive manufacturing. It is how nature creates matter. Grow butterfly wings inside cocoons. Can we soon 3D print our own mobile phone? Can we produce our own musical instruments, our own jewelry, and celebrate life?

  • We restore water cycles and remember that we are all one through the water in our bodies, the rivers, the seas, the oceans, and the ether we breathe. We belong to nature. We can be aware of nature and nature is aware of us

  • We create Biolabs at the heart of every community. And makers' spaces. We learn from nature and envision freedom for all humans and all species to enjoy life

  • Nature is technology. But different than we do it now. Currently, we make, take & break. Nature uses processes, flow, and reciprocity. Nested, developmental solutions

  • We do have to make sure that technology will not be hijacked by unconscious men who want to make weapons to win wars

  • The rise of the feminine will prevent that. Conscious women, men, and all children will play a huge role. Hooligans cannot wreck a football stadium filled with 30,000 families who stand up for what's right. The hooligans will become harmless because of conscious, social control. It is why we do our work in communities. They will need to find their own courage and make it happen for them. In their own way.

Happy Family
Plant Biologist


We are fed up with wars. Fed up with bickering about who is right. So, we need to get moving and take positive action. Define the toxic triggers in the current human systems and get going with healthy triggers.


Olive Bliss started on Greek land owned by the Gardikioti family. The Meraki People of Thyrea (translation: The Portal) are the first ones we visit locally with our think-and-do-tank Abundanism. We hope all of the coastal Mediterranean countries will follow sooner than later.


The life energy of the Mediterranean sea will support all of us in finding our human productive ways. The WHY is clear. The WHAT and HOW are now explored in Olive Bliss. The knowledge is there. We have enough experience. 

Follow us online to see our progress. Please talk to us to add your wisdom to what we envision as the next step in human and planetary evolution.


From an industrialist and colonialist mindset to freedom and care for all humans and all species.

History seems to repeats itself in 80-year blocks. The next turning from crisis to high will be around 2028, some people say. We can be wise and ready by then. Welcome to join us...