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ESG projects - Investment Opportunities

Abundance 4 ALL Projects 

Abundance 4 ALL makes global methodologies about complexity and simplicity. We implement global solutions locally by adapting them to local climate zones and local cultures. Our aim is to make basic needs cheap. Clean air, fresh water, food, and housing. Lightweight cities to stop the earth from tilting and shifting climate zones. Abundance and Health 4 ALL.


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Olive Grove

Web3 & Economies

Our projects are always about regenerative futures with biomimicry. We use everything that is locally available to create full abundance (multiple values, focus on ESG) and growing economies.

We use economy of scope principles, biomimicry principles, Web3, permaculture design priciples, and inspirational design tech. 


Superformula Projects

With GIELIS Superformula - the king formula of Biomimicry - we design now projects about integrated calculations - saving millions in purchasing and buying better quality.


We finance sustainability with biomimicry principles. Combining opposite public/private budgets as if it were ecosystems. Changing metrics for the better. Financing with stranded assets and cashflows. The result is black figures in year 2 instead of year 10-15. 

Superformula is our I-Ching. Book of Transformations. It can be used for everything. Superformula is hardcore math and geometry. GIELIS stands for Generalized Intrinsic Extrinsic Lengths in Submanifolds. The new Kepler has been found. Now, Superformula math/geometry (2003) will bring us beyond Newton in many hardcore (hardware and software) innovations.

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Sea & Water Cycles

Blue Hearts Projects

With Algae Alpha, Belgian Barrels, and BlueDataverse, we work on Blue Hearts Network. knowledge base for ocean protection and restoration. Slow food, water, and fermentation solutions for coastal areas. 3D Ocean Farming. Autonomous platforms with IoT - harvesting food, feed, and fibers. Healthy fashion. ARTivism & raising awareness.

ESG Fire and Water Guardians

Together with and NGOs, we design Web3 solutions for wildfire prevention and quick detection. Combined with community activation and ecosystem protection. Also freshwater and helium (non-flammable and abundantly available on our planet) solutions.


The science is AI, Web3, and math of fire behavior in mountainous areas. We combine it with community activation and ecosystem protection.

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Plant Biologist

Regenerative Travel
& Lightweight Cities

Contact us for impact investment opportunities combined with innovative science education & inspiration

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