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BlueGreen Projects by Abundanism

Our projects always have big educational elements for young people. We are an ecology-economy think-and-do-tank making sure our projects have a ripple effect in the regional economies of the EU & Asia.

Diverse ecotourism clusters are at the heart of our designs. Our aim is to increase local employment and educate to become entrepreneurial citizens.

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Olive Grove

Blue Green
Cluster Economies

Our own projects:

Olive Bliss

Olive Bliss started in Greece, Thyrea area in 2021.

It's a cluster of high-value polyphenol olive oil and extra income streams from waste streams. Olive pomace, extra pressings, and granules as a local energy source to fight high energy prices.


Restoring olive groves with biochar and crushed volcanic rock. Creating awareness, bio labs, and herb tea plantations. Educating farmers, oil producers, and transporters about effective & efficient healthy business.

In 2022, this project found its way to Croatia. A cooperative of farmers on the island of Krk. Supporting the tech-advanced Blue Economy Happy School in Skabernja. And always strengthening ecotourism.

Thyrea ESG

In 2023, we are in the process of being co-founders of a Greek startup that restores and harvests the sea (diverse species of seaweed). We work with AI and satellite imaging experts.


In the future, this data can be used to:

  • Prevent alga bloom from polluting beaches

  • Restore the sea with cradles of diverse seaweed

  • Take early action in case of forest fires

  • Detect anything (micro-plastics)

  • Support healthy seaweed farms

We enrich the dumb satellite data with citizen observations. And citizen science measurements by divers, boats, etc.


We will farm for healthy food, feed, fertilizers & fibers. We will create a cluster economy with fashion, healthy cosmetics, ecotourism, and the creative industry. We inspire existing businesses to transition printer ink with healthy seaweed ink, plastic cups with biodegradable seaweed cups, etc.


We are creating an educational center for BlueGreen ESG business and science education in Paralio Astros. The Peloponnese, Greece. Companies, governments, Blue Hearts, and NGOs are our customers.

Contact us if you are interested to invest. Or in CSR and ESG reporting.

Family Portrait


Companies and governments have to comply with many new rules. Giving a broader dashboard than just financial reporting


CSR (companies) and ESG (governments) reporting need true data and stories. We visit the projects mentioned. And will keep you up to date with insoiring educational materials for innovative employees

We have been active in the BlueGreen science field for decades. Here are some examples we are involved in or visited. Please also reach out if you have other wishes (other areas or other sectors) for your CSR and ESG reporting:

Dycle - diaper cycles in communities of 100 families. Biodegradable diapers, terra preta, fruit forests & local food production. Swarming out from Berlin to other EU and Asian cities

Building with Nature (Ecoshape) Asia - reforestation of mangroves (biodiversity cradles) with sediments. Combined with ecological fish farming and education. The project started on Java, Demak. And is now scaling-up over all of Asia. 

The Weathermakers - climate mitigation by regreening the Sinai desert with sediments and creating a vibrant Egyptian economy around an improved, efficient Suez canal. Resources,  processing, and healthy food. Salt-loving seeds. Linked to John D. Liu and the Loess plateau project of restoring an area as big as NL in China, Ecosystem Restoration Camps (Desiree was former director), and Kiss the Ground

Porrima Project - Blue Economy by Gunter Pauli and ZERI team (Zero Emission Research Initiatives). 100+ technologies. From energy-efficient hydrogen without electrolyzers and compressors to fishing with bubbles without by-catch as whales do. Linked to the best regenerative economy since 25 years in Spain, El Hierro

Born Global Inc & Foundation - biomimicry cluster economies in 6 countries. Maine (USA), Lebanon, France, South Africa, Costa Rica, and Egypt.

3Es - Ecology. Education. Employment. Biomimicry tech such as non-explosive hydrogen vessels based on compartmentalized beehive strategies


Bamboo plantations. Phyto-remediation, mycoremediation with fungi & phytomining of dump sites and polluted soils for minerals and metals. Microbial 3D printing materials such as PHA, are biodegradable after lifespan. Seaweed farming for food, feed, fibers and fashion. Various

Contact us for CSR & ESG reporting. Also impact investment opportunities

Happy Family
Plant Biologist

Science Fiction

Of course, business is important in the shift to the post-industrial Syntropocene. But storytelling might even be more important. So, we combine it with science fiction. People have trouble imagining the post-industrial future. We do non-fiction for the years 2003-2012-2023. And expand to 2033 & 2222.

Science partners are:

All 2,000+ scientists around Prof. Gunter Pauli and his influential thinktank ZERI. Zero Emissions Research Initiatives.

All 5000+ scientists, biotechnologists, and virtual tech people around Prof. Johan Gielis. Math, physics, and algorithm teams

Superformula & gielis transformations. Geometric (or Generalized) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Lengths In Submanifolds. Quantum & gravity will be embedded in this new generalized biology math and geometry. 


Kepler is still waiting for his modern-day Newton to bring quantum into engineering reality. We search for this new Newton in all unexpected genders (women) and all cultures in close contact with Kepler (Prof. Johan Gielis). And we explain the newest science.


Combining biological, physical & virtual.


Superformula is one formula for all shapes of nature. And the mirror formula ALL=1 & 1+ALL.

We embrace all science endeavors and creative people as well

Studio Roosegaarde created a smog hoover in Beijing Park and makes diamonds from CO2. He also lights up roads with beautiful Van Gogh patterns and algae. No need for electricity. Future cities.

CC2 creates immersive fusion art with quantum and gravity science from the German Max Planck Institute

Vandana Hart is the professional dancer from We Speak Dance with a million followers via Netflix. Her project Dance4thePlanet changes worldwide cities and making sure musicians and dancers can earn a living with NFTs

Contact us for CSR & ESG reporting about life-changing science and art. Or investment opportunities combined with innovative science education & inspiration

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