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ESG projects - Investment Opportunities

BlueGreen Projects by Abundanism

We have 4 main projects now.

1. Blue Hearts is a project about water and Web3. Marriage of Sea & Space.

2. Peloponnese Living is a Regenerative Travel project in Greece. Revitalizing empty villages with caring tourists, digital nomads, active pensioners, and students

3. Ecology is ecosystem restoration. We work on projects in the Benelux, Mediterranean, Africa & Asia.

4. Superformula dynamic math (2003). It changes science and engineering. And will finally allow green chemistry with resonance (light/sound). Abundantly available materials. Strong during their lifespan, biodegradable after. Microbial plastics. Roads that clean water. Cities that cool the planet with colors and evaporation.

5. Art projects. Art is science in exploration

6. Local nature-connection courses. Wherever we are at a certain moment. Greece mostly. Peloponnese Living is a Way of Life.

7. Writing on Medium and LinkedIn. YouTube Education channel.


Extra: in the EU, Desiree is the director of a systemic design and Biomimicry Futures Academy. All about healthy infra and buildings. Sponge cities. Edible towns. Drinkable rivers. Regenerative farming. Regenerative travel. Ecology economy. Local energy resources to fight geopolitics dependency.


Phytomining to end destructive mining. Green chemistry. Modular engineering to scale up and down quickly and use all space productively. Redesigning harbors and industrial estates. Redesigning cities and villages. ALL sectors. Live light on the Earth.

The 1000+ Solutions Movement


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Olive Grove

Blue Green
Cluster Economies

Olive Bliss & Blue Hearts

Olive Bliss started in Greece, Arcadia, Peloponnese area in 2021. It's a cluster of high-value polyphenol olive oil and extra income streams from waste streams. Olive pomace for oily energy in granules, extra pressings for soaps and cosmetics, local energy sources to fight high energy prices.


Restoring olive groves with biochar and crushed volcanic rock. Then the Alliance of IOT and edge computing came on our path. And we shifted to the marriage of Space & Sea. The Blue Hearts Network was born.

We combine Web3 dataverses with citizen's apps to fight wildfires in the early stages. We monitor and restore the sea. We make healthy food, feed, fibers, and membranes from seaweeds and seagrasses. Abundantly available local materials. Grown in polycultures. 3D Ocean Farming.


Contact us if you are interested to invest. Or if you want to connect to our projects for your CSRD and ESG reporting. We offer you the data and the human stories about changed local lives and Abundance 4 ALL education.

Family Portrait

Regenerative Travel

Communities are stuck in fear and lethargy.


We want to wake people up without enhancing their fear. And get us all active. We started the 1000+ solutions movement. And we help people adapt all good solutions to local ecosystems and climate zones. Local cultures.

We write happy and adventurous science fiction set in 2033. About how we managed to achieve all Global Goals in the next decade.

In the Peloponnese, Greece is our own landing spot. Paralio Astros. Together with the locals we have decided we want to invite caring travelers who stay longer in the off-season. Fill up empty hotel rooms and apartment blocks with people who connect to Greeks and stay longer.

Synergy is ALL.

Our offerings are all about health. Good food. Nature. And culture. Philosophizing and creating Blue Zones.

Peloponnese Living is our aim for all. It's a Way of Life. Come. Bring your friends. Stay longer...


Contact us for impact investment opportunities. And including us in your CSR and ESG reporting.

Happy Family
Plant Biologist

Science Fiction

Science is in a big shift right now. The main elements of the shifts are complexity, entropy, and dynamic math. Regeneration. Generative design. Digital design. Transformations and growth paths. Green chemistry. Products that are strong during their lifespan and biodegradable afterward.

Roads that clean water. Cities cooling the planet with colors, resonance & evaporation. Light & sound. Material science. Plants.


The new unifying Superformula (2003) is changing the dynamic math and engineering/chemistry science scene. GIELIS Transformations. Generalized Intrinsic and Extrinsic Lengths in Submanifolds (the maps of a system).


In the 20 years that passed, the Superformula has found applications in easy healthy architecture without machines. In antennas. All very energy-efficient. VR & AR. Healthy infrastructures, fair economies with Web3, algorithms, and engineering.


Biomimicry is all about the PRINCIPLES of nature. Not using nature. But translating nature. With wisdom, ethics, and (re)connection.

We design factories like forests. Light transforms into sugars. Traded by trees with the water created by soil fungi. The fungi create water from the air. Her spores attach to water drops.

We design factories and economies like whale bodies. In which the heart (pump) is a helical loop with a twist. And the pipelines are pumping too.


We combine biological, physical & virtual. Data. Information. And resonance. Antennas.

Our methods always have 4 flows. Materials. Money. People. And information. 

And it becomes easy in a scope. Boundaries. Local. Area design. Through all sector borders, silos, and budgets.

We collaborate in art projects and science fiction to make clear how Gaia's evolution is playing tricks on us right now. And how our grandchildren can have a good future if only we adapt our systems, cities, and rural areas to our planet.


Healthy societies with minimal laws and civil servants. Entrepreneurs create value in a system. The doers. The risk-takers. They create healthy, connected SME cluster economies.

Contact us for impact investment opportunities combined with innovative science education & inspiration

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