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 Olive Bliss by Abundanism

Olive Bliss is our practical Abundanism project along the coast of all Mediterranean countries. We started in October 2021 in the Peloponnese, Greece

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Olive Grove

Cluster Economies

We started Olive Bliss in 2021 in Greece. We looked around the Mediterranean area and we saw the huge opportunities of olive trees, mountains, and sea


We went to work educating people about healthy food forests, extra income streams and getting agriculture out of the dead-end street of more and more spraying against pests

Olive oil with a high polyphenol content can make an EU Health claim. It is a niche that can tap into the valuable market of medicine where this high polyphenol olive oil fetches prices of 75 euros per liter. During our research, we puzzled a recipe together


Olive Bliss by Abundanism

Easy methods (color strips) are available to measure the polyphenol content and get the certification going. It’s also possible to graft wild olive variety branches onto existing olive trees. Wild olive varieties are the ones with the highest polyphenol content

It’s possible to increase soil health with biochar and crushed volcanic rock

When groups of farmers/olive oil producers are prepared to join forces and diversify prices, they can sell part of their harvest for high prices in the (export) medicine markets and sell the rest for normal prices as food in the region. Local people would become healthier too without extra expense

We can do special branding to make sure everyone recognizes the food product as high polyphenol olive oil. We can also do branding for the whole region as a healthy ecotourism region


Jobs can be created for bio-labs, education, inspiration, the creative sector, digital nomads, and ecotourism

Farmers and olive oil producers in Greece are still hesitant. They don’t like change. In Greece, the government obliges chemical spraying because of the increasing pests and bacteria that are threatening the olive trees. The huge benefits of Olive Bliss haven’t landed in their minds (yet)


Mindsets are on problems instead of opportunities

For projects to take off, we need an Abundance 4 ALL mindset


Family Portrait

Our Vision

So, we decided to add another puzzle piece that can bring in millions. We met a frontrunner shipping company. They have a project producing olive pomace pellets. Bringing value to a waste stream of olive oil production. They don’t have enough supply of olive pomace to grow their market

The demand for olive pomace pellets is big and growing. They have one project in Spain now with 60,000 tons of olive pomace in one season. The pellets are sold including all necessary certifications

Prices went 5-fold in the past 5 years. The olive pomace no fetches 300 euros per ton

A region has to decide on a few things. If there’s no young interest in the future of olive farming, you can leave the olive groves alone. They will regenerate at their own speed. If we want olives and olive oil for human consumption, we need minimum spray and healthy processes

Biochar gives soil microbes shelter, so an occasional spray should be no problem

If a region wants to go the route of healthy olive farming and ecotourism, we can cluster many other healthy practices and strengthen the whole local economy with our joint efforts

These are called nature-based solutions with benefits for human economies and biodiversity

Olive pomace pellet production needs a barn near a harbor. No need for storage silos because the pellets can withstand rain. Minimum 20,000 tons of olive pomace (6 million euro) during one season


The wish of the shipping company is 100,000 tons (30 million euro) per project


If we want the money to strengthen the region and not just make one company rich, we should think about cooperation

We bring in the doing and the gluing. The seeding with education and inspiration. And the pollination. Some regions are interested in our new approach, so we will keep you updated on our progress

Happy Family
Plant Biologist


"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

- R. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983).


At Abundanism, we are fed up with bickering about who is right on details 

We walk our talk. And talk our walk


We inspire and educate. And if people want to build cluster economies with us, they are more than welcome to learn and do what we do in their areas of the world

For People, Planet, Profit & Prosperity

Everything for a healthy future for our grandchildren

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