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Abundanism = Abundance 4 ALL

We are Desiree Driesenaar & Mike Harps. EU experts in nature-based solutions

We are consultants with the science of complexity, regeneration, and storytelling because success needs 4 flows.


Interconnected materials, money, people, and communication.

If people don't understand WHY, HOW & WHAT, they will not take action.


We design projects (if required with fully distributed dataverses) for a flourishing regional cluster economy in which nature is the important player at the table.


We include all future-proof sectors in our projects.

We often design with ecotourism or healthy buildings in the middle of a project.

Gaia gives food, resources, real value, and money to the system. We accept that in gratitude and turn it into real value and money flows for cities and rural regions.

"Data & Stories Are Gold Dust"

On this website, we offer consultancy, education & inspirational materials. We also offer access to a huge network and database of example projects in the interconnection of governments, NGOs, SMEs, citizens, and corporates.


We make sure money flows from big to small. And materials are built up from small   to big. E.g. the  best packaging is NO packaging. We design with that in mind. And find solutions in the product itself, transport, local production, material science, etc.


Our clients are universities, ESG consultancies, entrepreneurs & world leaders.

This Is How We Started

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In 2018, Mike and I became a couple in life and work. We travel to where we are asked to contribute with our education, inspiration, and hands-on practical doing.

I'm the face of Abundanism. But the work is from us both. I'm mighty inspired by Gaia, our planet, and fascinated by how we can design a new world in line with our planetary laws.

Mike is a social, people guy. He wants to know how we can design a world in which poor people are not crushed by bureaucratic systems. And prices spiraling out of control.

Together, we give you the solutions. Complexity is really not complicated.

- Désirée Driesenaar

Désirée Driesenaar

Around 2012 my worldview changed. I realized we are humans in evolution on a conscious planet. I started studying. And became a systemic designer.

I took the leap in 2014, became a freelancer, and transformed my life and my work.

Since 2018, I have been living and working together with Mike. We understand each other. We share the same values. And the same longing to understand the complexity of the world and combine it with the simplicity of life and work.


If you want some old-world credibility: I'm an official expert in Blue Economy and Biomimicry. Doing projects for the EU Commission and now preparing with my Biomimicry partners a week of performances and explanations in Davos 2022.


I'm a published author in the languages English and Dutch. 

The book Abundanism will be published in 2022. And I am just me. Radical, friendly me. Strongly connected to Gaia, Nature, our Planet Earth. Growing my own wings every day and supporting others to do the same.


How can I help you become part of the wave of change? How can we thrive together? Let's explore.

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Bio Desiree
Shadow on Concrete Wall
Mike Harps


In 2012, my life clicked together on a mountain in Nepal. So, back in the Netherlands and after a life on the road, I became a pioneer in a regenerative Dutch rural project. We built a food forest on 13ha and planned to live self-sustaining in small off-grid houses. Building Paradise.


A documentary about our lives and work was shown on national TV in 2021. Now, I’m on the road again with Désirée. Traveling to regenerative projects that can use our support. Staying for a few months or more.


Contributing my energy and experience. I feel the abundance of love, time, and freedom. And our grandsons will benefit.

- Mike Harps

Ready to shift your mindset?

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