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Abundanism = Abundance 4 ALL

We are Desiree Driesenaar & Mike Harps

"Complexity is not difficult. It can be simple"

We transform societies and economies one area at a time. When you try to solve one problem, you seed more problems. When you create jobs in a concrete and asphalt place and don't adapt to the local talent who need those jobs, you attract extra housing problems, biodiversity loss, drought, and heat stress.

When you design your societies and economy areas healthily, Neighbors using each other's rest streams, you will have balance and finally start to cool the planet with your societies and economies.

This Is How We Started

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In 2018, Mike and I became a couple in life and work. We are professional nomads. I'm the online face of Abundanism = Abundance 4 ALL and the Syntropocene. Synergy, Synthesis & Syntropy. The post-industrial era after the industrial Anthropocene. 

There are already 1000+ solutions. We help you adapt them to your local situation and start implementing them.

Furthermore, I'm a writer who loves nature. Gaia is my middle name.

- Désirée Driesenaar

Désirée Driesenaar

I'm a published science writer and transformer of businesses, governments, economies, and societies. I've studied economy and cultures. Later, I studied ecology and nature-based solutions. Land and sea. With a focus on coastal areas.


My work is about transformations. Abundantly growing materials. Phytomining. Ecoremediation. Web3 tech. And modern science.

My work is about a balance of Planet, People, Profit & Prosperity.


If you want some old-world credibility - I'm an official expert in Blue Economy and Biomimicry. I'm an external advisor to the EU Commission. And I work with many universities. And communities.


I'm also a published science writer in the languages English and Dutch. Non-fiction.


My fiction work and poetry have always been sleepy. Published first in 1991 in Cosmopolitan. Later in story collection books. I combine it all now.

And I am just me. Radical, friendly me. A wild grandma supporting young women fiercely. 


With my feet in actual student/pilot projects. And out there on social media. Strongly connected to Gaia. Growing my own wings & supporting young leaders to do the same.

Warm regards, Desiree

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Bio Desiree
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Mike Harps


In 2012, my life clicked together on a mountain in Nepal. My professional work is in transport & logistics. Back in the Netherlands, I became a pioneer in a regenerative Dutch rural project. Peppelhof by Stichting Phien. We built food forests on 13ha of farm and off-grid, self-sustaining houses. Building Paradise.


A documentary about our Peppelhof lives and work was shown on national TV in 2021. Now, I’m on the road again with Désirée. Traveling to regenerative projects. Locals who need our support. Our main base is the Peloponnese in Greece. With our regenerative travel project Peloponnese Living.


I contribute my energy, timing, and experience of travel, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. So ALL our grandchildren will benefit.

I'm a father of two daughters and we have young grandchildren.

Warm regards, Mike Harps

Ready to shift your mindset to
Abundance 4 ALL?

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