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Abundanism = Abundance 4 ALL

We are Desiree Driesenaar & Mike Harps

"Complexity is not difficult. It can be simple with a regenerative vision and biomimicry lenses"

With 50+ years of life and business experience and 12+ years of experience in regenerative transitions (brave spaces and healthy environments), we can guide your company and your leadership to new heights and healthy growth. All good solutions need to be adapted to climate zones and local cultures.

This Is How We Started

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Mike and I bring strong common sense and planetary insights to your company and leadership. We know cultures and languages. We understand the transitions of our time towards synergy, synthesis, and syntropy - Rewilding Seas, Soils & Souls.

- Désirée Driesenaar

Désirée Driesenaar

I'm a businesswoman, educator, and wild writer. I am intuitive and practical. I understand the loneliness of leadership and huge responsibilities. However, everything is a design. Also transition.

Because communication is an important part of all designs, I will mention here that my studies have been economics, cultures, and strategic communication. My professional experiences are wide, management-level, and international.

Super handy for a radically creative systemic designer who designs economic solutions in line with ecology.

Warm regards, Desiree

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Bio Desiree
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Mike Harps


In 2012, my life clicked together on a mountain in Nepal. My professional work is in transport & logistics. Back in the Netherlands, I became a pioneer in a regenerative Dutch rural project. Peppelhof by Stichting Phien. We built food forests on 13ha of farm and off-grid, self-sustaining houses. Building Paradise.


A documentary about our Peppelhof lives and work was shown on national TV in 2021. Now, I’m on the road again with Désirée. Traveling to regenerative projects. Locals who need our support. Our main base is the Peloponnese in Greece. With our regenerative travel project Peloponnese Living.


I contribute my energy, timing, and experience of travel, cultures, and diverse backgrounds. So ALL our grandchildren will benefit.

I'm a father of two daughters and we have young grandchildren.

Warm regards, Mike Harps

Ready to shift your mindset to
Abundance 4 ALL?

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