All methods have been developed in real-life projects. It means they are working well to make complexity simple without reductionism. 

The main method now is designing a system from the core of what you want to design. We offer to design it with you in 5 sessions, sharing a lot of our teachings during the designing process. If you want to continu after that, you can stay on in the 1:1 mentoring.








Our planet is constructed of the smallest parts and the largest whole. All small particles/waves are unique, individual. The largest whole is full of patterns and cycles. We spiral from the core to the outside. And inwards again. In cycles. We can explore simple abundance together and find solutions for your specific sectors and areas of life.

The Vortex

The Vortex is an easy systemic design method with a core and permeable skin. We design all systems as open, living systems, instead of the current closed, mechanical systems. We start with values and the biome. And we continue in layers outward.


Creating dynamic balances of supply and demand. Including everything that is already around us. Going to the core all the time. And outwards. Zooming in, and zooming out. In our blog, we explain The Vortex in more detail.

Downstream & Upstream
Toxic & Conscious Triggers

Our economies, societies, and institutions are full of toxic triggers. Conscious feedback loops that will automatically pull us towards our vision, are a much better choice when designing new systems. We will help you define the toxic triggers and the good feedback loops that will automatically steer us in better directions.

These are just a few examples. We have more... What to think of The Machete Method we developed in our Indonesia project or the new business model methods we are now developing in Olive Bliss? Models based on margin and access. Creating a big scope of opportunities around one vision for an area.

And of course, we can also explore together the methods used by Blue Economy, Biomimicry, and Schumacher College, such as:

  • Scan, Screen, and Implement

  • 3 Horizons to see where technology keep us stuck or can speed us up

  • 2 Loops and the role of individuals in a transition

  • Deep observation, Goethe science, and regular deep science with astrophysicists and mathematicians changing physics and engineering with new insights in entropy and regeneration

  • Etc.


Silent Walks with Writing Prompts

On request.

Deep Time Walk

If we can start to feel the 4.6 billion years of evolution on our Planet, we will start to think and act differently towards the future. 

Download the Deep Time Walk app. (Link to Deep Time Walk.)

We Dance 4 the Planet

Have a look at our friend Vandana Heart's project. A project for the artist Generation Now. We love it. And we dance for the planet too...


Regenerative Story Making Canvas

We need new narratives that inspire us with nature’s ways of creation. With this canvas it is easy to make layered, rich stories with many nature metaphors and ecological knowledge included. Download the Regenerative Storymaking Canvas for free.

Conscious Story Making Canvas

We need new narratives that inspire us with feminine ways of creation. The 13 Superpowers of The Heroines are included. With this canvas it is easy to make layered, rich stories, reversing stereotypes. Let’s get the stories that matter out there.
Download the canvas for free.


Systemic Thinking

Doughnut economy for individual businesses
- in co-creation with Bluehub (Benelux, Germany)

TRIBII-Innovation Funnel (c)

 - in co-creation with the Institute for Biomimicry Innovation (EU)

The 13 Superpowers

- in co-creation with The Heroines (Global)