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Minimizing, Maximizing, and Optimizing. Crystals Are Unfolding

The book Abundanism is coming along just fine. We are combining everything we have seen in the world so far and are condensing it into a book full of solutions and ways of thinking.

What are our basics? We learned from the blue economy (nature, systemic thinking, and technology), biomimicry (nature, technology, and living systems), permaculture (nature, biobased, ecosystem restoration), and agroforestry (ecological intensification) and our many many talks and projects with people, communities, companies, and governments.

And now we do our own thing. Make our own toolbox. So, lots of people can start with quick implementation. That's our aim.

Conversations & Triggers

I do know we need to have the conversations though, at Abundanism we certainly don't know all. But it certainly helps if you have a basic idea of where to look for the answers. And nature is in this our best compass. Nature and health for all humans and all other species.

The book will be broad. A core of the flower with loads of reproductive organs. :-) In the top picture, you can see what it entails. There will be puzzle pieces for all kinds of roles in life: parenting and educational roles, governments, businesses, farmers, and deep divers.

We will focus on identifying the toxic triggers in our currently very flawed systems such as economies and societies. Of course, we all need to become conscious human beings. That's clear. But until we are (and that is always a process from cradle to grave), we will need the systems to be built with healthy triggers.

Only this way, also unaware people will go automatically in the right direction.


We have developed many tools over the years. Zooming in & zooming out. Upstream & downstream. The Machete Method. And of course, our crystals. Why crystals? Well, that's easy. We need to leave space for Gaia to come in and add to the conversations.

The future always unfolds in crystals. So, we do that too. Our best crystal tool is the most simple one. Minimizing, maximizing, optimizing. We minimize what we don't want anymore. We maximize what we do want. And we optimize it all in a relevant system, the place where we are living our lives and doing our things.

If we focus on sustainability and regeneration, it is often about products and practical solutions. So, we use this one. Minimizing materials, maximizing processes, optimizing the relevant living system.

Let us give you a small example.

Problem? Microplastics in the sea and oceans, and in our human bodies

One of the big causes? Washing our synthetic clothes

Solutions now? We are only blaming each other. The consumers, who keep buying synthetic cheap stuff. The fashion designers, who keep the desire for beauty and new consumptions alive. The producers, who should go to organic materials. Some people say we should only minimize and go back to low-tech and the past.

Our take on this is a bit different. We blame no one. We just identify the acupuncture points of change and educate and inspire to make it happen.