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The Superformula of Life & Systemic Design Explained

Modern bio-inspired mathematics is the language of nature with groundbreaking applications in various science and technology fields

The Moebius Loop. The inifinity loop of nature and our planet. This is how nature created things and makes flows go on loops. Now possible with math. The Superformula and GIELIS Transformations

Here is a very clear explanatory article about the Superformula and its huge implications for modern technology. A free gift from us to you. Download it with the link...

And if you are a technology geek and math nerd, here is the Superformula equation on wikipedia

"Twenty-five years ago, Dr. Johan Gielis proposed to use Lamé curves, also known as superellipses, to model the cross section of the square bamboo. A year later he generalised the equation.
In 2003, he was invited to submit a Special Paper to the American Journal of Botany; ‘A generic geometric transformation that unifies a wide range of natural and abstract shapes’ now lies in the top 2% of most cited scientific papers of all time." - Reasearch Outreach

A few highlights from our own experience:

  • The Superformula is ONE formula for ALL shapes of nature

  • The Superformula is a generalized

  • The Superformula is a dynamic formula that does not need steps for materials and shapes to merge. Colors but also materials and components can merge as a rainbow does

  • The mathematical team of scientists and biotechnology companies is busy making more formulas like this one. Generalized formulas with more than one component (n)

  • The series of dynamic formulas is called GIELIS transformations in science. Geometric (or Generalized) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Lengths In Submanifolds

"This single equation, a generalisation of circles and the Pythagorean Theorem, unifies an extensive range of both natural and abstract shapes." - Research Outreach

A few fascinating and groundbreaking applications for a post-industrial world

  • In digital design and architecture LAVA Architects in Germany are transforming existing buildings into healthy buildings with 2 membranes. One inside and one outside. Natural ventilation flows over height (termite ventilation), natural light, and easy connections between separate sections of the building

  • In neurosciences, Dr. Jean-Luc Mommaerts created the Aurelis app to give patients strength by going to their deep void inside during deep meditation or sleep. Healing happens when you go to your connection with our planet and collective intelligence. The Superformula is used for his neuroscience

  • In gaming, has used the Superformula to create realistic natural scenes with little data transfer. Ideal for VR, immersive art, and metaverses

  • In the energy transition, better efficiency of solar solutions are based on the shapes of photosynthesizing microbial algae. So-called diatoms

  • All species and all shapes are antennas. In the Internet of Things, materials and shapes are formed with the Superformula. The Antenna Company shapes connectivity

  • Genicap is the general education and implementation company for GIELIS transformations

  • Simple3D gives the power to discover, model and 3D print a literally endless universe of shapes in the hands of the consumer. Generative design. Local production. When and how you want it

Here are a few more videos

Inspiration for another GIELIS transformation, ALL = 1 & 1 = ALL, can be found in two other videos

  • The helical heart in which a mammal's heart is found to be working with twisting and untwisting veins in a closed loop. After 400 years of thinking that a heart was a pump contracting and expanding, Spanish cardiologists found this new nature-based information

  • The Moebius Tube in a twisting and untwisting infinity loop. Look at how the ants can be walking and walking infinitely. One the inside and on the outside. For me, this is TAO, TaiChi. So inside, so outside. So above, so below. This is infinity. This is how everything can be inifinitely regenerative. Moving and moving and moving. This of it as atube though. Not a band. There's an inside to the tube as well

So, what are we going to do with this?

We are going to live with our planet like we belong here. We are going to be a wise species that regenerates and rewilds while staying healthy as a human species

Of course, bears are not cute. They can be a menace. Of course mutating viruses can be a problem. So, we design with interconnections. Choosing wisely what is good for us as human species and what is not...

Being in constant relationship with the planet, nature, our production processes, and each other

Okay, so, this is the new math All = 1 & 1 = ALL

What can we do with it if we look ahead towards the year 2028 & 2222?

Mid-term and long-term. A good future for our grandchildren?

  • We can design factories like healthy whale's bodies. Using a fraction of energy (they eat krill, how much calories/energy is that?) and without waste and pollution. How do we design these factories? They will be closed loops of Processes & Materials. Money & Happy Employees A pump will be working together with the veins (the pipes) in the system. All materials will be used in other processes. Waste = a resource

  • We can design industrial estates like closed loops. With 4 healthy flows. Materials. Money. People. And Communication flows

  • We can design societies like infinity Moebius loops with minimum laws and governance. This definitely became possibile now that we have dataverses and metaverses. Community currencies and smart contract transactions. Inclusive economies and societies for everybody. Happy & Healthy People on a Healthy Planet

  • We can design happy & healthy cities and villages with biodiversity and mosquito-repellant plants. Minimum malaria or viruses. We can design themes like healthy mobility, happy parks full of terra preta and fruits, We can (partially) harvest healthy landscapes. We can work together in peace and all have a (partial) unconditional basic income. Now that we can design metaverses (with smart contracts and digital currencies) this is easily possible

  • We will have no more bullshit jobs so anyone can just live... Have a life... A healthy and happy life worth living...

What do we need for this to happen? We need to become an adaptive species to our planet. She is surprising us all the time with emergence. She is taking land and making new land. She is giving us hurricanes, floods and wildfires. But that'a our fault! We didn't design our own environments good enough

Dear friends, become a systemic designer and design a good future. Project by Project. Financing these happy and healthy projects with multiple cashflows, public money, and stranded assets

Follow our YouTube Channel for more education & inspiration

Happy systemic designing!

Warm regards,

Mike & Desiree

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