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Easy Systemic Design - The Vortex

Last autumn, I went swimming in the Greek sea. I'm a kind of a mermaid, so I love to swim in open waters. Rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas. It is as if the water and all her inhabitants talk to me. Give me snippets of wisdom. And make my body flow, flow, flow.

The best bit is floating on the water for me. Pure relaxation on my back. The water tension carries me without any trouble. It makes me feel safe. However, last autumn, I remembered someone telling me about vortexes. And how they can drag you down.

Luckily, I also remembered the solution. Relaxed and surrender. Instead of being dragged down into the rabbit hole, you'll be automatically transported to the broader part. And the centrifugal forces will do the rest. They'll spit you out on the side and you'll be free.

It's a good thing to remember.

Relax and surrender.


Today, we want to take you on a journey with out Vortex model. Whow you how it can work to add simplicity to complexity. And we invite you to start experimenting with this model. After all, our world is a poisoned mess, failing to solve human poverty.

We can do better than that! We need better human systems. Let's dive into the deep end right away and show you the model.

The Vortex method is uniquely developed by the think-and-do-tank Abundanism from the combined knowledge of systemic design methods within Biomimicry, Blue Economy, and the Regeneration.

We share everything open source to give you the opportunity to add it again to your own methods and make sure we redesign as many systems as possible in the world. The time is now. The time is right. We are in a huge shift of paradigm.

Does the Vortex look doable? We use The Vortex model to redesign energy systems for instance. Or mobility. We redesign cities. And rural areas. We design business models based on good margins and adequate access for people and other living beings.

At this moment, I'm even designing a society of trust with one of my clients. And every system turns out different because of the circumstances and environment. Different values. Different ecosystems and different cultures.

How does it work in detail? We start at the center with the smallest part. Often one citizen. Or the person who wants to redesign her personal life. Or one building (in case of energy). And we work outwards. Always nested. Always distributed. Always conscious.

The first layer is about values. We work with three values. Life. Health. Freedom for all living beings. This last one might be a bit confusing for people. What is freedom? Well, we don't like to limit anyone, we are all about abundance. So, we mean autonomy. Combined with responsibility for her or his actions.