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How Can You Connect to Nature? 7 Ways to Make it Easy

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Why would you want to connect to Nature?

First of all, there is no Nature and us. We are part of Nature, we belong inside the web of life. But we have forgotten it. And now Nature is often no more than the park we walk in on a Sunday afternoon. Leisurely, relaxing, but also annoying when we are bitten by a mosquito or hear a fly in the living room.

We are also often afraid of her. Whereas the experts say it is harming our health to have so little exposure to Nature. They speak about a nature deficit disorder. And tell us we should spend more time with our hands in the soil to help our immune systems be strong and resilient.

How Can You Connect to Nature?

It's not difficult to connect to Nature more. Do some gardening. Grow your own food. Drink your water with attention. And feel the oxygen in your lungs while breathing deeply.

Here are 7 more easy ways.

  1. Put a compass in your pocket. It helps you be aware of your place on this planet. Helps you stay in the here and now with both feet on solid ground

  2. Choose a Gaia place close to your home and spend some time there every day. By seeing the seasons change, noticing differences from the day before, and getting to know the territorial animals and birds, you get connected quickly

  3. Meditate outside. It helps you become aware of your breathing. And it helps you to hear Gaia's wisdom in your head. After a while, you will hear her advice (as a soft whisper, an intuitive knowing) also when you are not outside or close to Nature

  4. Lie in the grass and feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth. Just try it. At first, you won't feel much but after some time it is like you get into a rhythm

  5. Dance without limiting yourself. Don't bother how it looks. Be in your own living room alone if it feels weird. But try it anyway. By feeling music and dancing intuitively, you will heal yourself and the planet at the same time

  6. Take a silent walk with all your senses open. Experiment with hearing the sounds close by and further away. Smell the smells. Feel the texture of bark or sand. Taste a rock. Or if you think that's gross, taste your own skin. That's Nature. You can take a notebook and write something afterward. A poem. A thought. Make a little drawing.

And best of all, enjoy the process!

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