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1 : 1 Hyper Intelligence Mentoring

Biomimetics for Polymaths

  • 1 hour
  • 199 euros
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

Living in Flow gives you a calm life and a hyper productive life of innovations. People like Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci lived in flow and they have one thing in common. They knew how to access our planet's collective intelligence. Our mentoring will give you that access too. How does it work? 1. Intake - you tell me (Desiree, your mentor) your goal. What you want to learn and why. We discuss a bit your style of learning (right or left brainhalf dominance), and your prominent sense. Seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting... Short intro to 2. We have sessions of 1 hour via zoom every week or wider apart if you need more time in between. The sessions can be about fast reading large science scripts by using your full body and finding the 3 things you need to know NOW. The sessions can also be about rational biomimetic information (non-Newtonian) based on what we know from species. Or it can be about old, wise and hugely advanced cultures like Mayas and Toltec (South America), Vedics and TAO (India/China/Iran), or Indonesian and Aboriginals (island people). 3. We give you homework outdoors and indoors. Exercises like mirrorwork, pilgrim walks in rhythm, brushing your hair and teeth with your alternative hand, speaking other languages, etc. It's fun to learn by intuition and build the neuron connections in your brain. 4. Because I'm an economist, I can also give you advice on how to build a fast portfolio of patents AND scale the general info open source over the world so eveyone can transition faster. I can also give you regenerative branding lessons. With Blue Ocean Strategy of niche marketing, bigger margins, and synergy for healthy environments. 5. For governments and politicians, I can give you state-of-the-art economic growth stakeholder strategies combined with communication design for peace. It's huge fun to be a deep generalist like myself and Mike. And don't worry. Everyone can do it! Mike has always been a truck driver. And I have been a B2B sales and marketing professional who learned beta sciences intuitively only later in life... I went on this new path age 49. So, for every age and every brain style (right or left half dominant) it is possible to make fast progress. Have fun learning... And teach me something in the process. You already know ALL! Contact me at desiree-at-driesenaar-dot-nl for your intake. We schedule the next sessions from there. Your can stop any time you like and you can take breaks too...

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