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Wed, 02 Nov


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Professor Johan Gielis - Botanist & Mathematician

In 2003, professor Johan Gielis gave the Superformula to science. It is one of the first transformative formulas based on natural principles. The Superformula is one formula for all shapes of nature. Since then, it's proven to be true for 50,000+ natural shapes. He explains...

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Professor Johan Gielis - Botanist & Mathematician
Professor Johan Gielis - Botanist & Mathematician

Time & Location

02 Nov 2022, 20:00 – 21:00 CET

Online Event Zoom


About the Event

Expectation management: this lecture is understandable for all people in our tribe who are not afraid of beta sciences. If you don't understand something, sleep a night over it. Let it land and make your brain connect it to other dots you DO already know. And then build further knowledge and enthusiasm

Preparational reading can be this article - Research Outreach - 2021 - The Superformula, Gielis (Geometric (or Generalized) Intrinsic and Extrinsic Lengths In Submanifolds) transformations  and their importance in science

Next week, I'll host another open zoom for questions and possible applications

The Superformula is a fascinatingly DYNAMIC formula. Based on the old Greeks. And built on top of the Super ellipse of Gabriel Lame. At Abundanism we are mesmerized by the Gielis transformations for a few reasons 

If we understand how nature works, we can create better solutions than we've done so far

The Superformula has been given to science 20 years ago and is now used in the most diverse fields of human progress and wisdom

The Superformula is 1 formula for ALL shapes of nature. And in 3D, tubes are twisting and untwisting like the new insights on how a heart functions like a helical heart

The Superformula is based on deep bamboo knowledge. How about round and square bamboo? How do rhizomes (bamboo roots system) function?


What are the applications so far?

Neurosciences - the deep void inside where the connection is

Gaming - immersive landscapes, avatars, and 3D VR health applications because with the Superformula they are so real. This way, they need a factor of 1 million fewer data transfers. Fewer lines of coding

Data sciences - going back to the core without misusing the average. Recognizing patterns and the importance of individual outsiders. AI and digital design work with the Superformula

Antennas - Every skin in nature is an antenna. And now we can make antennas of every material. IoT has many applications for this antenna application. I personally love flexible, breathing materials for innovative sustainable solutions. They will make our houses healthy and flexible too

Architecture - modern design of all shapes of nature. Twisting and untwisting in height. Have a look at what architects are building with it nowadays. I'm fascinated by the fact that they put a membrane around existing buildings. Material science does the rest. Insulation. Breathable. Healthy

Most architects focus on new buildings. And they are possible with the Superformula as well of course. Twisting and untwisting towers. All shapes of nature. You know we are suckers for healthy buildings... Earthquake-resistant buildings are around the corner now that we can use all kinds of materials

??? What will be the more fields of application? I see some of them! You can merge instead of making steps. You can make rainbows instead of putting walls between colors and shapes and functions. But I already know what I see. I'm very curious about what you start to see!


When I started studying holistic sustainability, I had no clue that so many basic elements for solutions were unknown yet. And how many opportunities open up when we start to see the infinite possibilities of natural dynamic processes in the way nature has been our planet's designer for 3.8 billion years

Systemic design and some key knowledge are all we need for a good future for our grandchildren

Nature designs with space. Generative design. Replace something with nothing. Functionality with structure.

The whole of humanity fits in a sugar cube if you press all our molecules together

Imagine what a world we could live in when we combine generative design with phytomining. And then, don't limit it to metals. Harvest minerals out of healthy landscapes in this way too. Do you know that to get the metals and minerals out, we can use the same process we already use to make our biochar? 

Wow! Phytomining, generative design, local production, biochar, healthy landscapes. Possibilities!

We know climate mitigation is all about vegetation. But why only trees? Bamboo forests are very resilient! They can grow in all climates. There are 100s of species. And we can harvest them more times a year than trees. They grow back


Johan Gielis is a botanist and a mathematician. And visiting professor at Antwerp and Nijmegen Universities. He pays more attention to the 'weird' elements on the fringes of a full spectrum than the 'normal' average. And he makes it practically applicable to bamboo forests, science, and technology

He is now working on the formula for how music travels through the air. I already envision applications for washing machines with sonic waves and UV light, so we won't flush synthetic fibers (microplastics) into the river. He's also working on the mathematical formula for all=1 & 1=all

My 1:1 calls with Johan have been very inspiring for me personally. I'm no beta brain, I must confess. I'm an alpha and gamma. Cultures, languages, and healthy economies/societies are my expertise. But I do know that with beta we will design the new world. And geometry is how I DO see maths. I can dance with patterns and merging shapes

So, my personal attitude is, we'd better get savvy with numbers and systems too

Johan never makes me feel stupid. And he explains very clearly


A few more bamboo inspirations then. 

Bamboo sprouts are individuals. As are all molecules. You can cut bamboo roots and they still sprout out of seemingly nowhere when the circumstances are right. Emergence. What can we do practically with that knowledge? 

I'm excited to see what you will come up with...

Harvesting is the new weeding. Have you ever tasted bamboo sprouts? 

Well, I have! And they are yummy!

Join us for an interesting lecture from Johan Gielis on November 2, from 8-9 PM

Please RSVP and we'll send you the zoom link one day on November 1

Welcome to Abundanism! Limiting ourselves has never been inspiring for (young) people to take action

So, let's rewild our souls and go for abundance!

Warm regards, 

Desiree Driesenaar

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