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I'm Desiree. I'm the professional face of Abundanism. After a long career in business (business unit manager in mobility, international B2B marketing manager in high tech, consultancy, education) I decided around 2012 to change course. I started studying ecological, holistic sustainability and a whole new world opened up for me. 


Now I'm a systemic designer. Designing everything that is a complex system. We develop easy, simple methods to navigate complexity. Designing from the inside out with lots of scope. We always design open, living systems with a core and permeable skin so any system can interact with other systems.

My teachers are:

- Gaia herself

- Experts + experience in ecosystem restoration and ecologically intensified agroforestry to increase the carrying capacity of the earth

- Experts in Systemic Design and Blue Economy

- Experts in Biomimicry

- Experts in social and economic reform with the newest parallel systems (blockchain, Ethereum, Web3, etc.)

Have a look at my LinkedIn Profile to see what I'm up to nowadays.

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