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  • 2024 - BH - Blue Hearts Network - community activation and crowdfunding for sea restoration, Web3 solutions, and autonomous seaweed platforms (abundant materials for food, feed, fertilizers, and fibers). Seaweed fashion, cosmetics, and jewelry. Together with Blue Dataverse, Algae Alpha, and PhD students in Malta/Greece. Methodologies used A4A Facebook Communities and A4A Sea Restoration and A4A Web3 Business Models (SME/Gov/Community) 

  • 2023-2024 - PL - Peloponnese Living - 25K+ global/local marketplace for Greek SME tourist companies activation. Combined with authentic travel for USA/Canada/Aus/UK/EU citizens. Together with Kynouria Hosts Association, Castle View Studios, Enalion Beach Hotel, and Peloponnese lawyers, accountants, notary, and real estate agents. Methodologies used A4A Facebook Communities and A4A Economies of Scope/Scale - Real Estate and A4A Authentic Travel

  • 2020 - Demak, Java - Building with Nature Indonesia - BwNI - Sea restoration, preventing sinking villages, and ecological sea farming. Together with Wetlands International. Writing a consortium vision for Building with Nature. Methodologies used A4A Nature-Based Solutions Coast and A4A Future Vision Writing

  • 2022 -  Biomimicry technology research and development. Preparing the student teams for Davos Performance with films, and presentations. And spreading the knowledge internally. Developing healthy synthetic perfumes with Archetype Psychology. Together with Born Global (BGI and BGF) and MSc and PhD student/mentor teams from USA, France, South Africa, Egypt, and Lebanon. Methodologies used A4A Nature-Based Solutions and  A4A Senses & Murmurations

  • 2013-2024 - Food Forestry & Off-Grid Housing - Social and Environmental activation of rural areas in the Netherlands. National Dutch documentary made by Wiek Lensen Building Paradise" with Mike Harps as one of the two pioneers of Peppelhof Farm. Methodologies used A4A Permaculture Food Forestry and A4A Supply Chains 4 Communities and A4A Business Models 4 Communities

  • 2018 - Return to Eden - documentary made by Marijn Poels about biodynamic and full-control food systems and institutional misfunction. A4A was involved in food system backgrounds, interviewee contacts, and multi-language subtitling. Methodologies used A4A Network Activation for the Common Good and A4A Films and Scripts 4 Impact

  • 2018 and beyond - Ecosystem Restoration Communities - worldwide 55 education centers for permaculture. And large-scale ecosystem restoration in China and Egypt with permaculture principles for soil, water, and energy. Also holistic engineering with dredgers (use of sediments from a lake). Methodologies developed together with ERC, biochar movements, IMO, LLTB nature inclusive farming, and other farming groups A4A Farming Energy Priority Ladders



  • 2024 - FG - Fire Guardians, a global/local Web3 quick detection and fire behavior project, combined with community activation and ecosystem restoration.  . Together with Alliance of IOT Innovations and and universities of Greece and Spain. Methodology used are the ESG Guardian DAO and A4A Superformula Business Models for triple helix including local communities and SMEs

  • 2024 - Healthy Freshwater. Together with MH Waterzaken, SolarBee, MudTrap, and WaterQi. Methodology used is A4A ESG Financing Cashflows / ROI 

  • 2022-2024 - Sustainable River Harbor Industrial Estate Redesigns in the Netherlands along the river Maas. Together with Rhombus Sustainable BluePortsInstitute of Sustainable Transitions and Biomimicry Innovations, and Arcadis (quantitive sustainable measuring). The methodology we use is IBI2 Qualitative measuring SDGs/ESGs and A4A Industrial Estate Aggregations for the new CSRD reporting mandatory in EU supply chains.

  • 2024, we have a plan for new Venlo Regionomics, including A4A Superformula Purchasing for governments (saving millions and better quality)

  • 2013-2017 - Systemic Designs for Technology Implementations and Economies of Scope in El Hierro (Spain), Austria, Groningen and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Italy (Politecnico Torino), and Peloponnese (Greece). Together with the Japanese think tank ZERI. Zero Emissions Research Initiatives 
    - Prof. Gunter Pauli and worldwide teams. Methodologies used were ZERI Scan, Screen Implement, ZERI Systemic Design Calculations, and
    3 Horizons and A4A Superformula Business Models and A4A Superformula Education

  • 2017 - VR - Venlo Regionomics Strengthening a bioregional Dutch economy with food chains, healthy buildings, and biomimicry. Together with Bluehub and Cradle to Cradle Expolab. Methodologies used were ZERI Scan Screen Implement and A4A Communication Designs

  • 2017-beyond - Spinoff Regionomic Projects are better thriving, collaborating SME companies in food forestry, biobased materials, large-scale farming with biological soil and bokashi, and Agrowizard, biological soil with AI technology and metrics

  • 2018-2022HBN - Healthy Building Network Netherlands/Germany - with C2C technologies, biomimicry technologies, integrated financing, and architectural innovations. Together with Dutch/German partners and University Maastricht (Real Estate & Finance). The methodologies we used were C2C Integrated Cashflow/ESG Finance and A4A Doughnut Economy for Business and A4A Communication Design with 13-year-old Students


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