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Local Systems Design

Healthy humans in the center



Our basics are simple. We follow the rules of Donella Meadows. Make a goals. Start with an ambitious WHY. An urgent problem to solve. Then add another factor into the biomimicry lens and optimize.

Use the principles of nature. They are technical. And can solve so much!

Want to learn?


Regeneration means self-repairing. And mostly this is done with aerobe or anaerobe microbes. Like yeast. Like fermentations.


In our designs we don't accept the limits of planetary boundaries. We increase the carrying capacity of the earth with synergy and synthesis.


The whole is more than the sum of its parts. And we work with diversity. When you have a negative, put a positive physically next to it. A CO2 emitter next to a spirulina grower.

Holistic Sciences.

We have done it in practice so many times before, we give you the examples, models, instructions, and recipes. Full of success and failure factors. reality checks. WHYs and HOWs.


Impactful leaders have 3 strong connections.


- Nature, our planet, the universe

- Our inner wisdom

- Others with diverse other perspectives

That's why we also train senses (intuition) and communication. Change communication to activate people. And strategic communication to minimize resistance to change.

Energy Economy

Our teachings are rooted in hardcore sense and science. Ecology is abundance. We made scarcity of it with our economic mechanisms. That can change now because of Web3. Blockchains. Tokenization.


No more debt traps. Pollution and reststreams will be used as resources. 

We defy geopolitics with e.g. phytomining. All polluted watersa nd soils are full of scarce metals. They can grow local economies.

Just like abundant virgin materals. Bacteria, fungi, bamboo, seaweeds, grasses. Everything we do it grassroots and bottomup design.

Energy solutions with local sources and 12V grids. Off-grids. 


Independence IN Interdependence. 

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