Living Systems for
a Regenerative Future

Aligning the economy with ecology and the human spirit



Nature works with abundance as a principle. Organic and inorganic. We, humans, work with scarcity. Simple abundance will be the main tool of the Syntropocene.

If history is anything to go by, the crisis will end around 2028. And a new high will begin. Let's explore what we, as a human species, will birth by then.

Complexity can easily be navigated with simplicity. It's all about bouncing the paradoxes.


Industrialism will be replaced with small, interconnected, distributed solutions. Colonizing and oppressing will be replaced with freedom for all humans and all species to live simple abundant lives.

Process and progress are all. And if we recognize the destroying feedback loops and replace them with living feedback loops, life can become simple.


We create methods with our clients. Including regenerative insights, blue economy, biomimicry, and our own personal visions on nature and humans.


You can find out more via our writings or personal consults.


Regenerative means self-healing and progressing. And we'll learn how to do that in all sectors of our personal lives and human systems.

Every system is an organism. And our current human systems are badly functioning organisms. Cancers, biologically speaking.


Nature works with nested, interconnected solutions, that distribute matter or information over nodes. Nature is organic AND inorganic.


Interconnected processes will make all the difference to prevent creating pollution and waste.

The big shifts will come from quantum biology, biomathematics, and ecosystem restoration. Indigenous sciences (Vedic, Mayan) are re-emerging.


Biomimicry gives the right framework with Emulate, Ethos, and (re)Connect.


Indigenous cultures will teach us how to be aware of nature in such a deep sense that we cannot act separate from nature anymore.


Happy learning!

Rooted in Biology

Everything we do is strongly rooted in science. We relate everything to biology, astronomy, and the natural world. James Lovelock, Richard Feynman, Nikola Tesla, and Viktor Schauberger.


Our personal favorite is the evolutionary biologist Lynn Margulis. 

The think-and-do-tank Abundanism combines many living scientists and inspirators in her network. People like Fritjof Capra, Gunter Pauli, John Dennis Liu, Stephan Harding, Satish Kumar, and many others have personally given a strong foundation to our thoughts and actions.


Professors like Johan Gielis (Superformula and Gielis Transformations, based in Antwerp) and Kimberly Samaha (Biomimicry at American University in Lebanon and Maine) are well-respected colleagues that feed us regularly.

But we do look broader than just quantitative science. All new sciences are called pseudo-science until they are proven. So, we include quality methods, resonance science, deep observation, and deep listening.


Mayan, Vedic, Celtic, and Greek insights. Let's say all indigenous cultures, have a home in our inspirational output, too. 


Impactful leaders have 3 strong connections.


- Nature

- Your inner wisdom

- Others

We will help you identify the current toxic triggers of a system. As soon as we understand those, change is easily created.

Gaia works with poles. Seeming opposites that create flow by their magnetic forces. And when we realize that, even communication loses her manipulative framing.

We always communicate without fear. Because that's a very toxic manipulator. It tries to control people. Enhances stress. And makes people ill.

It doesn't mean that we think all is good. No, we are like fierce mothers. We set clear boundaries. And leave people completely free to create new value in their lives and that of others with their own passion, intention, and attention.

Have fun creating!

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