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Open Living Systems for
a Good, Adapted Future

Aligning the economy with ecology and the human spirit



If history is anything to go by, the current crisis period will end around 2028 (book and YouTube The Fourth Turning) and a new high will be upon us. Let's be ready for this new high.


We think it will be a kind of new renaissance. What do you think? Everyone feeds their souls with dance, music, and art. Creates a living (a basic income) either in the central system or parallel systems on the blockchain.

Complexity will still be seen by many as complicated. But others have learned how to navigate with simplicity. We surrender to whatever is in our lives right now. And we are creative enough to make our lives good with what's available around us. Social capital and all.

Consciousness will be growing. Personal consciousness. Collective consciousness. And planetary consciousness. We can explain about that.

Some countries will have government leaders who understand simplicity as a good navigation tool for complexity by now. In countries with corrupt, oppressive governments, citizens will have more and more options to do their own thing anyway.


Making our lives simple. And using parallel, decentralized, distributed systems that are quickly becoming more mainstream now.

Hopefully, we will have learned how to restore ecosystems (soil, water) with micro-organisms, sounds, and space. So we can increase the carrying capacity of our planet. 

And hopefully, we will not lose sight of our complex and volatile planet. She's shifting. Creating new land perhaps with all the movements of water and new earthquake waves? Science shows us.

Don't be scared, my friends. Live in the NOW and your own surroundings. And Darwin said it ages ago: "adaptive species are thriving species".

With Abundanism, we focus on basic needs such as healthy food, water, shelter, clothes, community value systems, etc.


The rest of our needs are just non-material and for us to create. We can harvest plenty of joy, laughter, and other goodies in our lives. We love to come together, celebrate, and just become our next best version of ourselves.

Exploration is fun. Evolution is all...


Regeneration means self-healing. And our whole world is healing now. Healing the soil and the seas is important.


We need to increase the carrying capacity of our planet if we want to live here with many diverse species who all breathe.

Microorganisms, fungi, and decaying organic matter are playing big roles in the restoration. To make things go quicker we should include things like space, sound, flow, and information.

But there's more to realize. We, humans, are a keystone species. We created the Anthropocene. And now, it's time to surrender to the Syntropocene and keep creating.

Read the latest book by James Lovelock, Novacene. And you'll see that we have already created new species. Biodiversity is full-on evolving! Organically and inorganically.

Is that scary? Yes and no. But it's part of our reality. We can't ignore it.

However, we will show you what our planet is capable of. What humans are capable of if we focus on the right things. Abundance instead of scarcity. Conscious creating with all the inner power we possess.

Our world works with mirror neurons. And feedback loops. What we focus on grows. Let's focus on the right things. And be part of the solution.

Our famous Dutch football legend, Johan Cruijff said it well: "when you see it, you'll get it."

Happy learning!

Rooted in Our Planet

Our teachings are rooted in hardcore science. 

Gaia Theory: James Lovelock.

Biology, 5 Kingdoms of Nature: Lynn Margulis.

We apply regeneration, permaculture, ecologically intensified agroforestry for food and resources. All to increase the carrying capacity of our earth.


We apply all broad knowledge of Systemic Design, Blue Economy, Biomimicry, and economic reform for the human-made ways of the future.


Some current names we were taught by: Gunter Pauli, Fritjof Capra, Stephen Harding, Janine Benyus, Mariana Mazzucato, Kate Raworth, Anders Nyquist, Richard Feynman, Johan Gielis, Gerard Bodifee, Neil deGrasseTyson, Vitalik Buterin, Brene Brown, Vandana Shiva, Vandana Hart.

We love the practical work of Viktor Schauberger and Nikola Tesla. They make vortexes in water and air tangible and practical for applications.

We love artists for their upside-down ways of thinking. And their immense creativity in living life. We are artists ourselves. In our own way.

And of course, we learned from many cultures. Many perspectives. Many communities around the world.


We help design nature-based solutions in a very broad sense. Not only organic. Also inorganic. Our designs always have multiple benefits for biodiversity and community economies and livelihoods.


Impactful leaders have 3 strong connections.


- Nature, our planet, the universe

- Our inner wisdom

- Others with diverse other perspectives

We are all leaders. Of our own lives. And in our families, our communities, and our countries.

Some people, however, have to make decisions for others. It doesn't matter if that is for children of for a whole country.

Leadership should always feel the responsibility. And leaders should always communicate without manipulation. Involve the community. Let them decide too. Give options.

People are not stupid. All children, for instance, are born for their time. And if older people do not lead wisely, we will keep getting stuck in the past. 

Because communication without manipulation is most important in leadership, our work focuses a lot on that too.

We call it perspective making. And we're always very curious about your perspective. The more we know, the more we realize there's still so much we don't know...

Happy communicating!

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