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“Wild Writing Matters”

There are different layers to the matter of communication.

  • We need courage to be climate resilient, mentally strong, and change systems

  • We need to rewild our souls and not be so sensitive to triggers

  • We need to design communication methods to minimize resistance getting out of control

  • We need storytelling with real humans in connection to nature more than anything else

We use Hero's Journey for our communication activations. And our team member Robin Wild produces AI images in Night Cafe Studios. We show reality for the implemented solutions.



Desiree has been a (wild) writer all her life. She published ficton at age 26 in Cosmopolitan and other books. She made professional B2B magazines. Our team can handle all styles. From scientific white papers to visions and strategies. Published popular science articles often and have been active in crisis communication too.

Our practical implementations show that we are not just fluffy stories.

We Are All Makers 

Maker of the story of our life. Makers of physical solutions. The only thing that matters is becoming active. If you're hungry, eat what's edible or grow what's edible.


If you are in a city, grow on walls and small plots with urban farming. Make polycultures. If you are an artist, make mind-shifting art. Nike has a beautiful symbol for it. Just do it!


Let's get going...

Studio Portrait

Ready to Craft Your Stories?

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