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“Wild Writing Matters”

We have become way too civilized. Too tame. Too unimaginative. Too afraid to live our lives to the brim. Full-on! Daring. Courageous. Wild Writing is a skill that helps you get out of your self-inflicted cage.


We offer exercises. Immersion in Nature, our Planet, the Universe. We help you get to your inner core. Find your inner power. And use this inner power to change the world. We can do it. Together!

And of course, we'll hand you the tips and tricks you practically need to get into Wild Writing. You'll never regret learning it. It's a skill for life.


Inner Power

Your inner power can be found inside of you. And writing can bring it out. There are often a lot of things you told yourself.


I'm not good enough. 'm weak. I'm stupid. Nobody likes me. 

And those thoughts hinder your progress in life. There are many ways to rewrite your own story. And we do it just like that. Rewrite your own story. And undam your river flow.

With intuitive writing exercises. Short ways of clear analysis without too much thinking. See it as a deck of cards but then simpler. Every day is a new day. With new challenges. And you can handle them way easier if you know what journey you are on.


Dare. Find your inner power. And start to move mountains in your life!

Rewrite Your Story

Stories need context. And structure. And a clear topic if you want to bring a message across to others.

Wild writing is a way to touch hearts with art AND be clear in explaining what message you have. 

Wild writing is something that starts intuitively and then, in the next phase, it needs a good editor.


You. With your editor's hat on.

Everyone has stories to tell. Everyone is a writer. And we can hone our craft. With style, metaphors, archetypes, short sentences, diversity of rhythm, etc.

Happy Wild Writing!


Studio Portrait

I, Desiree, have been a writer all my life. In business, I'm a strategic communication professional. My experience ranges from editing magazines to working for B2B advertisement agencies.

I have been published a lot with my science and business writing in serious, international magazines.

When I was 26, I took my first steps into the fiction world. My story, The Perfect Painting, was published in Cosmopolitan. Many story publications followed in anthologies. I'm a bilingual writer in English and Dutch.

Now, I combine my Wild Writing with what I value most: a better world for humans and other living beings.

I'm a grandma now. It's time to transfer my knowledge of life so younger people can profit and be inspired.

And of course, I will leave everyone completely free what they want to do with the inspiration. No need for explanations.


Just enjoy your life! Wild Writing might be the addition you were looking for.

We Are All Makers 

We've become mainly consumers, consuming what others make for us. Forcing uniformity down our throats. Whereas what we need in the world is diversity.


Human diversity.

Do you realize that we are looking and listening mainly to loud noises? Car chases? Bombastic megalomania? Men, talking to men? Women talking to women about men?

There is a lot lacking in our perspective. And the soft, the heart, the soul, the cycles, and nature are never really part of what we look at. What we think about. Daily.

Let me call it, for now, feminine qualities. They are present in all of us. And we want them back in the world. We need them back in the world. Systemic thinking needs chaos. Needs dancing with figures, with patterns, with joy and beauty.

We need quality back in the world. More than just linear, measurable quantity.

In our hearts, we know that we are all makers. We feel most happy, making something that's unique to us. 

Let's get going...

Ready to Craft Your Stories?

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