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How Do Wolves Change Rivers and Business Models?

Going vegan? Try going wolves with livestock instead...

Picture by European Wilderness Society Slovakia - check them out!

Many people are going vegan because of environmental issues. We don't. I do eat less meat and fish. And when I eat these fellow creatures, I make sure they have had a good life. Regenerative agriculture. Babies staying with mum for milk, that kind of stuff...

But plants are my fellow species too. And complex flow systems like seas and mountains. I care. And I see that our current industrial practices are stupid from a human health perspective. Antibiotics. Toxic chemicals in the soil. Well, just stupid...

But our industrial age is waning. We are shifting to a new age of post-industrialism anyway. Designed from local to global. Regenerative agriculture. Eating all edible plants, not just one-time seed-ones. Perennial crops. Edible plants are grown on water and with full spectrum light

The movies Kiss the Ground & Return to Eden show us the way

Soil biology with just an occasional spray when a farmer has trouble with pests. Biochar to protect the soil microbes... Biodynamic farming and animal and human manure

We all know it all now. Dry toilets. And we can all do it... Watch the videos underneath the links if you want to learn deeper...

So, what do Mike and I do? We make cluster economies. Abundance 4 ALL

We design business models for a return of the wolves in reservation areas and return of big mammals, cattle, chickens, pigs, horses to decompact our soils and get the natural cycles back

Where can you learn the principles of holistic Grazing? From Zimbabwean expert Alan Savory

How do we design the business models?

We combine public money (governments & NGOs) and business cashflows. What are the business cashflows? We make sure a huge group of farmers work together with producers of their crops. It's what we do in OLIVE BLISS too. Olive farmers AND olive oil producers

They have to share risks, costs, and benefits together

We use electronic fences to shield livestock from wolves. We make sure livestock moves around so they vegetation can finish cycles and grow healthy. And then we make business models with local consumers, dataverses & metaverses. Local community currencies...

CSAs - community supported agriculture so the consumer is a participant connected to the farms instead of just a consumer

Happy shifting minds, dear friends. And happy connecting to wolves and livestock. When we eat something, we gain their awareness in our bodies and minds and become wiser humans on a surprising planet...

We can learn FROM nature instead of just ABOUT nature...

Happy learning, my friends...

You can find many inspirational videos on our Abundanism YouTube Channel. Or follow our Education & Inspiration on Medium or LinkedIn.

Warm regards,

Mike and Desiree

Here is How Wolves Change Rivers:

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